How to Convert Natural Gas Grill to Propane

Convert Natural Gas Grill to Propane

Propane gas grill is much more efficient and easier to use compared to the natural gas grill. So why not make the most use of it and cook our meals using propane fuel.

Not only will our cooking become fun-loving and quick but also at the same time our life will become much smoother and comfortable.

Well, the good news is that you don’t need to buy a new one for using propane fuel. Instead, you can easily convert your natural quality gas grill to propane with complete ease by just following some tips. Now the million-dollar question is how to convert natural gas grill to propane?

We are here to help you with our expert tips and guidelines, following which you can easily convert your natural gas grill to propane. Continue reading with patience to know in detail:

Converting Natural Gas Grill to Propane (Step to Step)

Converting natural gas grill into a propane tank will become a piece of cake—if you just know the steps properly along with having all the necessary tools and equipment you need for the conversion.

So before heading directly into the steps, let’s see the essential things you must have for completing all the steps effectively. After all, you will not want to leave things half done and go to the shop while doing the work.

Don’t worry; you will not need plenty of things; instead, only 3 simple things are enough to do the job.

So in case, you don’t have them in your house, buy them to do the conversion:

  1. Air shutter or mixer change
  2. Small burner orifices, and
  3. LP regulator with a tube

Now that you know which things you require, let’s move on to see how can a natural gas grill be converted to propane.

So you can finally benefit yourself and do the conversion with ease:

Step 1: Check if your natural gas grill is compatible or not for the conversion

The 1st and foremost job of yours is to check thoroughly whether or not your gas grills support the conversion or not.

In case it doesn’t support the criteria of conversion, then no matter how much you want or need to convert, it will be of no use.

If you don’t know how to check the compatibility, then just check the user manual that comes with the gas grill upon purchase. You will find this information in a detailed format in the manual.

Now the question may arise, I don’t have my manual and have lost it, so in this situation, what should I do to get the answer?

Well, in this circumstance, the only person who can help you is the owner. Talk with them and ask if they can provide you with the precise information or not.

You can also seek their guidance in this field. After all, they specialize in all these fields. So, why not take some expert tips?

It will not upset you in any way; rather, it will be helpful from every aspect. Moreover, you can also ask the manufacture to give you a conversion kit. This conversion kit may cost you to spend some extra money.

Step 2: Removing The Natural Gas Supply

In this step, you just have to take the shut off the natural gas supply properly and then have to remove the gas tubes correctly.

If needed, criss-cross these steps to be on the safer side. Although it is a simple job to ask for, yet a slight error is enough to cause a big incident.

Next, remove the side and front panels of the grill to get hold of the BBQ parts.

Step 3: Replacing With The New Grill Parts

In the 3rd step, you have to remove the gas valves, regulators, and holes that are dedicated to the natural gas grill supplies.

After removing all these things properly, you just have to replace them with new components that are propane-compatible.

Once all these necessary things are replaced, your next task is to make sure that all the barbeque settings are done correctly. Never be in a rush while doing this sensitive works.

Hence, only close the panels only when you are sure all the things are perfectly secured. If required, you can check it again to avoid having any future problems.

Caution Note:

While attaching the natural gas grill to a propane tank, make sure to check that the pressure and the volume are sufficient enough to endure the overall load. Otherwise, any mishaps can happen due to this inaccuracy.

Step 4: Checking Gas Grill Connections

After all the above steps are done correctly, your next mandatory task is to check the gas grills connections for any leakages.

Well, there is a pretty good hack that you can follow for checking if the connection is properly done or not.

You will be surprised to know, but for checking the grill connection, you will have to make a soap water solution by blending water with liquid soap.

After then, turn on the gas connection without lighting the burners. Take a small portion of the solution and then pour it nearby the grill connection area.

In case you see bubbles developing, then it will ultimately point to the leakage. Immediately turn off the gas supply and tighten up the connection properly. After then, repeat the step until the bubbles stop forming.

And if there is no bubbles formation, then it will indicate that the connection is secure and there are no leakages. And thus, you will be all set to cook on it.

Hopefully, following all the above steps as instructed will bring a desirable output. In case of any problems, seek an expert technician’s help whenever required.


Advantages of Converting Natural Gas Grill to Propane

Propane gas comes with a lot of benefits compared to natural gas grills. Have a look at the below essential advantages that you will get just by switching natural gas to propane:

  • They are very cost-effective and can save a lot of your money
  • Easily available at almost every store
  • Safe to use
  • Delivers more BTUs
  • Cooks food at a much faster rate
  • They are highly portable, and you can comfortably carry and move them anywhere you want to

To Wrap Up

Although many people prefer using natural gas over propane, but in comparison to both these fuels, propane is definitely the winner.

Whether be it cooking efficiently or quickly, they offer all sorts of advantages to make our cooking experience much simpler and easier. So why not benefit ourselves?

So, if you are also thinking of how to convert natural gas grill to propane, just follow the above steps as mentioned above properly.

However, in all conditions, always remain alert and take caution properly in all the above-mentioned steps. And for any kind of difficulties, make sure to take help from a technician.