8 Best Gas Grills under $200

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Barbeques and outdoor parties are in trend since forever. Who doesn’t love to have friends and family over and to have a wholesome meal? However, what grill you are picking plays a vital role in the kind of party you will have.  I am back today with reviews of gas grills so that you can throw the best parties and have a great time.

While there are various kinds of grills out there, we chose to make a list of gas grills. That is because the convenience of the gas grills makes them incomparable. They are affordable, easy to clean, good looking and what not. However, before taking you to the 8 best gas grills reviews under $200, let me explain why gas grills are overall the best deals.

Let’s start with types of grills.

How Many Types of Grills are Out There?

There are mainly four types of prominent grills. I discussed them below.

  • Gas grill: The gas grill is the most popular choice among outdoor cooks. Believe it or not, a gas grill can produce forty thousand BTU at a time resulting in having multiple usable burners simultaneously. Thus, during a party, you don’t have to wait for food for a long time. You can use all the burners at a time and make a lot of food. Besides, gas grills aren’t limited to the grill itself anymore. The industry is constantly adding accessories to the grill to make it more versatile and an all-in-one package. Another great feature about these grills is they don’t take much time in the pre-heating process.
  • Pellet grill: These grills require electricity as the source of energy. You can cook dishes that require a long time without checking on them continuously, as you can set the temperature. However, you will need continuous electricity throughout the whole cooking process. Besides, sometimes they fail to give your food the desired color. The good news is some of the manufacturers are successful in solving the problem. You have to be conscious about buying from them.
  • Kamado grill: These grills have an exterior shape of an egg. As they are of ceramic, they are usually heavy. To be precise, these grills are a form of charcoal grills with an exterior of ceramic. The source of energy for these grills is charcoal.  As a result, their heat is excellent, and you will get a heat deflector with these grills. However, they take a long time to pre-heat. The pre-heating time for kamado grills is almost forty-five minutes. If you forget to pre-heat it from ahead, this can be a party pooper. Who likes to wait that long for food once everything is ready?
  • Charcoal grill: These grills have been out there long enough for you to know all about them. But, precisely, they are very similar to the wooden stoves. From the name, you can easily conclude the source of its energy. As they have been around for a long time, many people have learnt to use them. However, they take time to pre-heat. Thus, there you have the trouble again. It would be best to be very conscious of the pre-heating time if you want to serve food timely. However, the mesmerizing smell of charcoal adds some great flavor to it. Then again, you can add a side charcoal box to your gas grill to create the effect. Now tell me, would you pick anything other than a gas grill? No, right? After all, they are indeed an all-in-one package. Even though the conclusion is quite clear that a gas grill is the best pick.

Why Will You Buy a Gas Grill?

A gas grill is an economical option. As the buying price is reasonable, and maintaining as well. Besides, they are easy to use and maintain. You can connect it to your stove’s gas line, and that’s it. You do not have to worry about the energy source anymore. And, if you are worried about the extra flavors, you can simply add a charcoal tray or a smoke box. Finally, the essential thing, the taste of your food, remains perfect with a gas grill. Hence, I guess you are certain now about buying a gas grill.

Now, to make your job easier, we have made a list of the 8 best gas grills reviews under $200.

List of 8 Best Gas Grills Under $200

8 Best Gas Grills Under $200 Review

I have not only prepared a list but also reviewed them. You don’t have to worry about the honesty of the reviews since you know I am relentless about reviews. We understand that you want nothing but the best when you buy something with your hard-earned money. Thus, my team did market research for a week, and I compiled the final report on the eight best gas grills under $200. I have created a list of pros and cons and features based on my team’s research and final verdict. Therefore, after reading this, you will have a clear idea.

1.Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

If you want to take your barbeque party beyond your home, Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill is your pick. The Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid propane grill is an excellent portable gas grill. During the vacations when a barbeque is inevitable. For people like them, having a perfect grill for both backyards and beaches is essential. One of the good things about this product is, you do not need to worry about assembling the grill. As it is all set in the pack, you will unpack it, and it is good for grilling. Besides, it comes as a complete package with all the following items: a valve for controlling the burner, a cover with a thermometer in it, a cooking grate of cast iron, and a greased pan that is removable. All you need is a gas tank you will connect and use.


  • It runs on liquid propane
  • There is one main burner
  • It can produce 8,500 BTUs
  • The structure is of cast iron which is porcelain-enameled
  • Spacious cooking area of one hundred and eighty-nine square inches
  • It comes with a warranty of five years.
  • Even the size is smaller compared to other gas grills; it is dynamic
  • It is available in various colors
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to maintain
  • The cover lid doesn’t close tightly. As a result, it opens while carrying
  • The valve is difficult to use

Final Verdict:

If you are a party person, and barbeques are your thing, this product is your perfect pick. This low-maintenance, easy-to-carry gas grill will make your parties much more manageable. Besides, whether your destination is beach or forest, the barbeque will remain there. Isn’t that great?

2. American Gourmet 463773717 Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Are your parties always of at least ten to twelve people? Then this American Gourmet 463773717 Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill is your pick. American Gourmet Char-Boil Classic 360 has three burners in this version and has enough space to grill fifteen burgers at a time. The parts come in the box separately; thus, you will have to assemble them. The assembling process may take an hour. Even though the grill has three burners, it does not look huge. The sleek look of the product will only add to the beauty of your barbeque party.


  • It runs on propane gas
  • It has three burners
  • It can produce up to 38,000 BTUs
  • There are two cooking areas; primary and secondary. The total cooking area is five hundred and thirty square inches
  • The lid is of porcelain-coated steel; the burners are of stainless steel,  and the grates are of porcelain coating
  • It comes with a warranty of five years
  • Excellent design
  • Spacious cooking area
  • The cover keeps the heat inside
  • Extra metal rack
  • Assembling takes time
  • There is no thermometer

Final Verdict:

If you enjoy hosting a big crowd and your barbeques are really famous among your friends and families, this is your pick. Besides, the chic look of the grill is a point to consider. What is the fun of parties if you do not have friends and families to multiply it? Hence, buy this party beast today and make the fullest of your barbeques.

3. Char-Broil Classic 280 2-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill

It is one of the best gas grills under $200. This Char-Broil Classic 280 2-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill is compact yet multifunctional. Believe it or not, you can even fit it on your balcony. However, there is no reason to question its competency for its size. This model is just like the previous product we reviewed, only with two burners. Besides, you will need to assemble it like the last product. This product also comes with a side shelf and a burner. As a result, you will be able to keep all preparing items right in front of you.


  • It runs with propane gas
  • There are two burners
  • It can produce up to 28,000 BTUs
  • The spacious cooking area is two hundred and eighty square inches
  • The lid is of porcelain-coated steel; the burners are of stainless steel,  and the grates are of porcelain coating
  • It comes with a warranty of five years.
  • Pipes for connecting to the gas tank comes with the package
  • Pre-heating is quicker
  • There are wheels attached to the legs that make it easy to move
  • The formation of it is perfect for any weather
  • The cooking space is small
  • The assembling is tricky

Final Verdict:

If you have limited space and your crowd is a small one, this product is an ideal decision for you. Besides, with the help of the wheels, you will get to move it whenever you want. The product is famous for handling small crowds in style. Therefore, you can pick it without any doubt to manage your guests in style.

4. Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill

It is another fantastic portable option if you don’t want your parties to be limited to one place. Besides, Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill does a tremendous job by using less gas. It cooks quicker, and the entire cooking space has an even temperature. The shape and structure of Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU are exquisite. The firebox is of cast aluminum, and the cover is of double stainless clamps. They ensure that the grill is convenient to hold.

Moreover, there is a temperature gauge on the cover. My favorite thing about this product is the cleaning tools of the grates come with the package. All in all, this grill is a friend for your outdoor celebrations.


  • Runs with propane
  • Long-lasting structure
  • Amazing portability
  • Light-weight
  • The grates are of stainless steel
  • An included temperature gauge
  • The grates of stainless steel are easy to heat up, and they are even in temperature
  • Compared to other portable grills, it is a lot easier to carry
  • The cleaning tool comes in the package
  • The grates sometimes get too hot
  • You will have to buy a separate temperature valve

Final Verdict:

If you are always on the run, and yet you cannot give up on the barbeque parties, this product will save your life. The grilling will go on even when you are moving. Besides, this grill lasts for a long time, and the temperature gauge makes it easier to use. Therefore, if you are a travelling party person, get your perfect grill today!

5. Cuisinart CGG-059 Propane, Grillster 8,000 BTU Portable Gas Grill

In my opinion, among the portable grills, Cuisinart CGG-059 Propane is the best gas grill under $200. CGG-059 is not only budget-friendly but also long-lasting. One of the best features of this product is you do not have to assemble it. Believe it or not, it comes ready in the package. Just unbox and grill! The grill of ten pounds is your friend wherever you are taking your party. Whether it’s a beach party or in your yard, the grill will serve you its purpose. The cooking grates are dishwasher-friendly. As a result, they are super easy to clean. Also, the shape and design of the grill are perfect for storing it, and its structure is long-lasting.


  • It produces up to 8,000 BTUs
  • The cooking area is one hundred and forty-six square inches
  • The cooking grates are of stainless steel and washable in dishwashers
  • It is easy to carry
  • You don’t need to waste any time assembling
  • The cooking grates are super easy to clean
  • It is easy to carry and lightweight
  • The grill is easy to set up
  • Every money you spend to buy it is worth it
  • Compared to other portable grills, it has a smaller cooking area

Final Verdict:

Even though the cooking area is small, I suggest you buy it if you are a move and groove person. You can carry it like a bag. Yes, it is that effortless to carry! You will need a propane tank of one tank to operate it. The whole package is very manageable. One thing, the look of this grill is excellent. Stylish and compact, what are you waiting for?

6. Cuisinart CGG180 CGG-180 Petit Gourmet Gas Grill with VersaStand

If you are looking for something compact but serves as a spacious grill, Cuisinart CGG180 is your pick. Believe it or not, it takes very little time to heat up and uses less gas. Therefore, it serves its purpose faster and uses less energy. Isn’t it the best combination ever? Besides, it is portable, and you can fold and use it whenever you want. Although the product has many competitors, it made its way to this list for its convenience. My favorite convenience of this product is the drip tray, as it is resistant to spilling! Thus, the experience of carrying it is never messy. We all know Cuisinart is famous for their innovative products, and they have hit a new standard with this grill.


  • It can produce up to 5,500 BTUs
  • The grilling area is one hundred and forty-five square inches
  • The grill grates have a coating of porcelain enamel
  • The cover has great handles, and the drip tray is resistant to spill
  • The cover has great handles, and the drip tray is resistant to spill
  • The formation is sturdy yet portable
  • Perfect for small grills
  • You can use it without any prior preparations
  • A lot of users said that it takes a lot of time
  • The exterior gets too hot, and even there was a complaint about the handles melting

Final Verdict:

I would say it is a trendy pick rather than a permanent one. If you change your culinary instruments every two or three years, this is your pick. You will not feel like you are wasting your money; again, you will justify your new selection after this.

7. Giantex Propane TableTop Gas Grill Stainless Steel Two-Burner BBQ, with Foldable Leg

If you are looking for a tabletop grill, then look no further; Giantex Propane TableTop Gas Grill is your pick. There are knobs for adjusting the heat, and the heating does not take time. Even though it is a tabletop grill, you can quickly cook large meals on it.  It has an adequate cooking space, and the grill is really easy to manage. The features of this product make it very convenient and popular. The product is not only tabletop but also portable. The parts of this grill come separately. However, the assembling process is hassle-free. Last but not least, the product is lightweight.


  • Can produce up to 20,000 BTUs
  • The structure is of stainless steel
  • The design allows you to fold it.
  • Spacious cooking space
  • The tools you need for assembling will come with the package
  • No extra hardware needed
  • You can control the heat without any hurdles
  • The design makes it very handy and portable
  • As the structure is of stainless steel, you do not have to worry about rust
  • Cleaning and maintaining is effortless
  • You will get a satisfactory return of your money
  • You may need a bigger gas tank for it compared to other portable grills

Final Verdict:

We all want a convenient product, and this one is the epitome of it. A low-maintenance easy to clean grill is everyone’s preference. Believe it or not, you will get it all in this. Again, this fantastic product is portable! Parties won’t be limited at your home anymore. You can carry an equal amount of fun and food everywhere you go.

8. MASTER COOK Classic Liquid Propane Gas Grill, 3 Burner with Folding Table

Do you want a grill that is compact in design but can cook for a lot of people? Master Cook Classic of three burners is a grill precisely like that. MASTER COOK Classic Liquid Propane Gas Grill is suitable for your patio, balcony, or backyard. Believe it or not, this grill makes it convenient for you to host a large crowd. The control system is in the front. One of the many outstanding features of this grill is two of its legs have wheels, and the other two are static. The wheels make it easy to move the grill, and the static legs make it stable. Besides, the grill does have not only a convenient control panel but also a temperature gauge.


  • Produces up to 30,000 BTUs
  • Three burners in one place
  • A cooking area of four hundred and seventy-three square inches
  • The cooking grates are of porcelain enamel, and the handles are of stainless steel
  • There are two shelves
  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • You can prepare a large meal
  • It is portable
  • The assembling process is easy
  • Every penny you pay for it is worth it
  • The warranty period is smaller compared to other grills

Final verdict:

If your parties are usually big, then it is better if you get this product. Even though the warranty is for one year, there is no reason you cannot trust it. And who does not want to be a loved host?

Buying guide for the Best Gas Grill Under $200

Naturally, we all will look for the best while buying something.  After all, who wants their money to go in vain?  Besides, buying anything for your household is crucial, especially when it concerns the kitchen. Even though a grill’s location is not always a kitchen, it involves food. And everyone wants to have the best food. Earlier I did reviews on eight best grills under $200. However, how will you know which one is the best grill under $200 for you? That is a whole other story, and do not worry; I am here to help with that as well.

What to Look for Before Choosing the Best Gas Grills Under $200?

Before picking the best gas grill for yourself, you will have to check few things about the product. The grill that is best for your neighbor or friends might not be the best for you. That is why you need to check few features of the grill before purchasing it. Once you prepare a list of suitable products, I am sure you will find them on our list. Please go through our reviews and select the one you want. Hence, here are the features you need to check and why.

Cooking Area of the Grill

One of the things that you need to check first is the cooking area. It is essential because you will have to decide whether or not the cooking space is enough for preparing meals for your usual crowd. Not having enough cooking space is a bummer. Again, if your barbeques are usually for small groups, there is no need to buy a huge grill. Therefore, check the cooking space and capacity first.

The Energy Source of the Grill

Check whether your gas grill will run with natural gas or propane gas. As natural gas is more available than propane gas, that is what most people prefer. However, the portable models run with both propane and natural gas. Whichever gas is convenient for you, pick the grill accordingly. If you are always on the move, go with the ones that run with propane.  That is because where will you find a natural gas source outside?

Assembling System

It is a much bigger issue than you think. If you are not sure or don’t have the skills to assemble a grill, don’t either buy one or get help. That is because if you ruin anything while putting it together, your warranty will not cover it. Again, if you are worried about the necessary hardware, then definitely pick the grills that provide them. Lastly, if you do not want the assembling hassle at all, go for the products ready to use when you buy.

BTU is not Always Reliable

Believe it or not, a high BTUs does not always mean that the grill will heat efficiently. BTU refers to how much gas the grill will burn. That does not necessarily mean that your grill will cook quickly. A grill with much lower BTU can prepare a portion of food within less time. Therefore, check reviews about the grills. How much time are they taking to prepare a meal, are the foods evenly cooked, do they have the right color? Ask around such questions and then buy.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Trust me; you don’t want a grill that is hard to clean. If you won’t be able to get rid of the greasiness, that is trouble, right? Besides, who wants a kitchen appliance that is difficult to maintain? It is a nature that devices that concern kitchen and food need to be user friendly. That is because preparing food is already a hell of a job. No one would want extra technical difficulties.


These products have a lot to do with habit. Once you are habituated to use one of the products, you will find it hard to adapt to a new product. Therefore, pick the products well-known for their longevity. Once you are compatible with one grill, it takes a really long time to adjust to a new one. And, no one would want to go through that in a short span.


With the longevity of the product, you must look for a good warranty deal. If there is any malfunction in the product during the warranty period, the manufacturer will take responsibility. However, know your warranty policy. And be careful with your products, because the warranty does not cover all sorts of damages.

Budget and Worthiness

Even though all the products on our list are under $200, you should not spend even a dollar if you think it is not worth it. Therefore, whatever is your product’s price only goes for it when you will pay you back each dollar through its service. Why would you waste a single dollar? Therefore, again go back to the reviews. Some products are of great value given their price. Pick which one suits you.

Environment Friendliness

These days there are a lot of models of gas grills that are environment-friendly. It is better to consider such a model if possible. That is because, most of the time, these parties are at the beaches or campsites. I believe you would like to play your role in saving the world. Therefore, pick an environment-friendly design.

After checking all these aspects, I am sure you will find the best grill under $200 for yourself. I am glad that I can pitch in in your decision in some way.

Final Words

As you are here and reading this, I assume you are a party person. And what is an outdoor party without a grill? That is why I tried my best to put together a list of best grills under $200. Nail down your favorite pick, and get it for yourself today! I believe you will find something that will increase the beauty of your celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Gas Grill Under $200?

The three-burner grill of Char-Broil Classic is the best you can get at this price.

Are Expensive Gas Grills Worth It?

I would say yes. Usually, gas grills are very affordable. The ones that expensive are costly because they have greater capacity and longer life. Thus, I believe it is worth it.

What is the Healthiest Grill to Use?

It is better to use a gas grill because grills that use charcoal as energy sources create more smoke than those that use gas.
Why are Natural Gas Grills so Expensive?

Natural gas grills are expensive because they require longer pipes. You need to have pipes that are long enough to connect to your main gas line. Also, the whole installation is expensive.

How Long will a Gas Grill Last?

You can easily use one for five to ten years. Some of them even last for fifteen years.

What Gas Grill will Not rust?

Any grill with a stainless-steel structure will no grow rust. These days most of the designs are in stainless steel.

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