How Long Does Homemade Juice Last in the Fridge?

How Long Does Homemade Juice Last in The Fridge

Fruit juices are an alternative to natural drinks for any celebration. They are full of vitamins and minerals. If they are homemade, they will have many more properties than the industrial ones.

In any event, it is advisable to offer these drinks. For example, at a children's party, it is healthier to give children fruit juices of the season than soft drinks. Even for celebrations of adults, you can prepare delicious cocktails without alcohol.

Serve them to accompany the meal or some snacks, or refresh the guests in those hot seasons. In addition to enjoying the freshness of the fruits, you will be offering a different option than we used to.

Knowing how to keep freshly squeezed juice for a party will allow you to organize yourself better while preparing an event. This is one of the tasks you can do in advance, but you need to do it the right way. Thus the natural nectars will retain their properties.

How Long Does Homemade Juice Last in the Fridge?

The duration of a natural juice is an average of two days in a refrigerator. After that, its flavor will no longer be the same. But surely you will have heard that over time, the vitamins of juices are lost.

Doctors recommend consuming the juice within 12 hours of squeezing to make the most of the vitamins it contains, so it is better to take it soon after pressing the fruits, although this does not imply that you should consume it immediately after obtaining it.

How to Make Homemade Juice to Last Longer?

To make the homemade juice last longer, you should put extra care in manufacturing too. For guests to fully enjoy the properties of fruits, the juice should be as fresh as possible. But it is not always feasible to prepare it the same day, so work must be carried out.

How fruits are handled plays a fundamental role in the conservation of juice. First, you must make sure that the fruits are in good condition and wash all the ingredients with drinking water. Once you squeeze the juice, you should keep it at about 5°C. Choose fruits that are very ripe to make it easier to extract the nectar.

One of the most frequent doubts is how long natural juice lasts in the refrigerator. Most last up to 72 hours, so you can prepare them three days before the party.

Some juices such as orange are more delicate, so it is advisable to delay the preparation a little more.For juices to lose the least amount of possible properties, we recommend you freeze them or store them in sterilized containers.

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How to Keep Homemade Juice to Last Longer in Refrigerator?

Learn how to keep fresh juice with the following methods.

Freeze Natural Juices

The first alternative is to extract the juice following the appropriate hygiene measures. Pass it through a cloth sieve to remove solid debris and place it in a dark glass container. This will limit the amount of light that reaches the liquid. Close well and take it to the freezer until you are going to serve it.

Store in Sterilized Containers

Sterilize the jars where you will keep the juices will make them stay longer in good condition.

Place the standing glass jars and lids in a pot. Cover them all with enough water and let it boil for at least 30 minutes. After that time, turn off the heat and leave them ten more minutes in the water. Then remove them with the help of a clamp, being careful not to burn yourself and let them dry on dry clothes in the open air.

When you complete the sterilization process, you add the juice, fill the bottle as much as you can so that there is no oxygen left. Add the juice of a lemon (or three tablespoons per liter of juice). Cover well and refrigerate.


Most of us enjoy natural fruit juices, but we also know that fruit vitamins are lost quickly so that we can ask ourselves on more than one occasion: how long does homemade juice last in the fridge? If you have also had this question, hopefully, you have found the answer to this simple question.