Top 10 Best Under Counter Fridge Reviews 2023 [Buying Guide]


In this post, I am going to review the top 10 best under counter fridges, including a dedicated buying guide for your assistance.

Kitchen Guider understand your concern, and to ease your worry entirely, our experts have done all the research needed. So, you can have the best list already in this article below.

If you want to get the right fridge that lasts for a long time, then you need to keep an eye on the height, shelves, structure, materials used to build it, as well as the capacity. However, in the below section, we have discussed everything you should keep a close look.

Without further delay, let's check out what our experts are saying. We are starting with the list of the products you will get reviewed here.

List of the Best Undercounter Refrigerator


Product Name

Editors Rating


hOmeLabs Under Counter Fridge for Beer with Removable Shelves

Midea Compacted Under Counter Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Midea Compact Undercounter Double Door Refrigerator

Danby Under Counter Contemporary Semi-Automatic Defrost Fridge

RCA Double Door Stainless Steel Fridge with Adjustable Thermostat

Danby Best Under Counter Silver Made Compact Fridge

hOmeLabs Under Cover Beer Fridge with Removable Glass Shelves

Avallon Best Under Counter Built-In Beverage Fridge With Right Hinge

Kalamera High Capacity Best Under Counter Beverage Fridge

Now you know which products we are going to review in this post. Before moving on to that, we think you need to know the benefits you will get if you buy an under cabinet fridge listed above. It is essential because without understanding the essentiality you would pick the wrong one later when you go out for buying one.

Benefits of Having the Under Counter Fridges?

Under-counter or under-cabinet fridges are being familiar in the last few years. It has several benefits that people who use them are experiencing. However, is it not a bit strange to discuss these benefits just starting of this article?

Well, yes, we have decorated our review in this way and added the benefits section just after the introduction. It is because we want to let you know these benefits before you move on to the review section. Without further due, let's start discussing the benefits of using an under-counter fridge.

Saves a Lot of Space

The name is enough to let you know about storing the device. Yes, under-counter fridges are compact sized, so it takes less space than traditional fridges. It saves a lot of spaces that maks it more convenient because it does not take additional floor space of your house.

Clean and Creative Look

Compared to traditional fridges are taking space in your house, bar, or patio, and it changes the overall looks of the whole place. However, compared to these under-counter fridges are not just keep your place unchanged position of things but also make it more creative.

Highly Energy Efficient

Most of the manufacturers and brands have made the product energy-efficient materials. Well, energy-efficient products are gaining popularity nowadays because people are choosing them for environmental improvement as well as cost-effectiveness.

Modern Attractive Designs

Nowadays, people are getting attracted to creative and innovative designs meaning is that the product has a creative touch in the making of it. These under cabinet fridge brands are making sure of professional touch in the innovative design that satisfies modern users.

Easy Accessibility Whenever Required

These under-counter refrigerators are usually located at the place mentioned in the name, and you can make easy access to the device. Physically challenged people who use a wheelchair to move around and kids can easily open and take out things from the fridge sitting in the wheelchair.

User-friendly & Multi-purpose

Well, the usability of an under-counter fridge is enormous because of its features. If you want to use it in your residence or commercial use, then these fridges are perfect. House-kitchen, bars, restaurant-kitchen every place are perfect for having an under-cabin fridge for the desired purpose.

Best Under Counter Fridge Reviews

Well, now you understand what benefits you are going to get if you can choose the best compact under-counter refrigerator. Now, as promised, we will share our review on the best pick on under counter fridge.

Read them carefully and try to select the one you are comfortable one because size and shape must fit in your space. Without further due, we will move on to the review. Let's check them out.

1. Home Labs Under Counter Fridge for Beer with Removable Shelves

Here is the best undercounter refrigerator and cooler from hOmeLabs. It takes the first place in our review not just for its reasonable price but also the quality and user experience we have found during our research.

If you are looking for a fridge that will sit quietly under the counter and have all the features you desire to have in your undercounter fridge. It has a massive storage capacity of 3.2 cubic feet with a glass door that allows you to see through. Pre-integrated white LED interior light will eliminate the visibility whenever you want.

The stainless steel body will ensure that the fridge will resist heavy use, and it will last for as long as you maintain it with proper care. Well, it may lead you to think to be controversial but remember the steel body and the glassdoor both are made out of high-quality material to be at your service for a long time.

The advanced temperature control system will make you happy with better temperature control, and it can cool up to 34-degree Fahrenheit. The fridge is also containing a powerful cooling system that you are not going to get in any refrigerator in this particular price tag. In addition to that auto-frosting feature is improving your satisfaction level.


  • The digital touchpad for controlling the fridge works great
  • LED light inside is giving an attractive look and better visibility
  • Pretty Noiseless in highest temp setting
  • Sturdy metal made shelves are sturdy and durable


  • Interior light has no auto on-off feature
  • After filling racks with things a little space left, may find it as a waste of space

2. Midea Compacted Under Counter Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Here is our review with this particular under counter refrigerator that has a sophisticated mechanical temperature adjustment feature. The range sits between 32-degree to 35.6-degree Fahrenheit.

The fridge has a large space and is designed to be capable of storing maximum beverage or anything you would like to keep. The food or other things will be cold if you can set the temperature properly. You cannot use this particular fridge for storing any frozen food or items, and you cannot use it to make ice cubes.

The fridge extends its feature with adjustable legs and a dedicated reversible door for the left or right opening. If you want to get an energy-saving fridge that makes minimal noise, then Midea WHS-87LSS1 is your thing to choose from.


  • Large Storage Area Ensures Maximum Storage
  • Adjustable Legs and Reversible Door
  • Great Energy Efficient
  • Quick Manual Defrosting


  • Not suitable for storing frozen food
  • Cannot make ice cubes.

3. Midea Compact Undercounter Double Door Refrigerator

Our third pick in this review is Media WHD-113FSS1, and it is made from stainless steel, which ensures a more durable structure. It is a lightweight undercounter refrigerator with 3.1 Cu Ft inner space that allows you to keep maximum things into it.

You can adjust the temperature between 32-degree to 50-degree Fahrenheit, which is a useful feature for an under cabinet fridge. In addition to that, the freezer has a range of -11.2-degree to 5-degree Fahrenheit. Well, it is worth mentioning that the fridge has two separate compartments, one for refrigeration and another one for freezing.

You can set the door of the fridge according to your convenience based on the layout of your kitchen or the place you want to put your under-cabinet fridge. Additionally, the fridge is certified by UL Energy and energy star rated for maximum energy saving.


  • Increased Storage Capacity
  • No-Noise at All
  • Keeps Almost Everything Cold
  • Durable Structure


  • Requires Frequent Cleaning
  • Shelves Are Not Adjustable

4. Danby Under Counter Contemporary Semi-Auto Defrost Fridge

It is our fourth choice from one of the most familiar brands, Danby, the model is (DCR044A2BDD). The product is a high capacity under-counter refrigerator, and it has 4.4 cubic feet of internal storage that ensure enough space for storing things.

This particular Danby under-counter refrigerator is approved for maximum energy-saving and environment-friendly with R600a refrigerant. It has a semi-automatic defrost feature with a full-width freezer section that can be occupied with many things of your need.

With built-in adjustable glass shelves maximize the usability of the refrigerator. The fridge has an integrated door shelving for storing tall bottles. It also has a dispensing system for beverage storing.

In addition to that, the product has a sophisticated mechanical thermostat to ensure increased performance. The specialized door handle will allow everyone to open the fridge comfortably, including a reversible door hinge.


  • Semi-Automatic Defrost
  • Full-width Dedicated Freezer Section
  • Adjustable Glass Shelves
  • Pre-Installed  Mechanical Thermostat


  • Temperature May Bouncing its Level

5. RCA Double Door Under Counter Black Fridge and Freezer

Now, we will discuss a double door under-counter refrigerator and freezer from RCA. It is with a capacity of 3.2 cubic feet storage freezer and fridge. The top door is a bit smaller than the bottom door, and the top compartment is for freezing as well as the bottom door is for refrigeration.

The advanced and adjustable thermostat allows controlling the temperature accurately. In addition to that, the sophisticated quality compressor makes the cooling process more appropriate. It is essential because you know in hot weather how important it is to maintain temperature.

The integrated flush back design ensures that the fridge takes minimal space as well as able to store more things. You can use the reversible door that right or left-handed can open easily. The product has a built-in can dispenser to ensure that you do not need to clean it frequently. In addition to that, the door basket can hold 2-liter bottles.


  • Built-in Adjustable Thermostat
  • Compressor Cooling for Ultimate Temperature
  • Flush Back Design Saves Maximum Space
  • No Noise Comes out from the Fridge


  • May Get Damaged Due to Poor Delivery Service
  • Poor Customer Service

6. RCA Double Door Fridge with Adjustable Thermostat

If you are searching for an under cabinet fridge for your office or home, then you may need to check this particular product. It's our second pick from RCA double door refrigerator for under-counter. It takes a few minutes to unpack and set up with its lightweight feature, including an attractive look fits your home kitchen or office desks or dorm room.

With 3.2 Cubic foot storage capacity made of stainless steel makes the fridge a more useful and sturdy structure along with it. This particular double door fridge has two compartments, one is for freezing, and the other one is for refrigerating things you need.

In hot weather, it is essential to keep your food and drinks cold because you drink them often whenever you need it. The product is designed with a space-saving flush style by professional designers. The sophisticated crisper drawer is perfect for storing green things to preserve.

The ultimate reversible door can be used by right or left-hand according to your convenience. This particular RCA under counter fridge has a built-in can dispenser with a capacity of 2-liter bottles in the door basket.


  • Noiseless Fridge
  • Perfect Size Fits in Office, or Bedroom Easily
  • Keep almost everything cool
  • Easy and Quick Temperature Controlling


  • May Get Damaged Due to Poor Delivery Service
  • Poor Customer Service

7. Danby Best Under Counter Silver Made Compact Fridge

Here is our pick on Danby DAR044A6DDB that contains a compact classic design with an iridium silver steel structure. The product has a 4.4 Cubic Foot storage capacity that ensures the maximum storing capability.

The door is also made from Iridium silver metallic door finish with a sophisticated rubber grip to make the hold comfortable. Danby undercounter fridge has an internal white LED lighting system for more visibility.

Adjustable glass shelves are allowing you to store tall bottles by removing shelves. However, it would be best if you were careful enough because, with improper use, the glass shelve can break.

The dedicated door lock system will ensure maximum security to avoid unwanted access. The worktop of this particular refrigerator is scratch resistant that can hold heavy use. The product can be used only for household purposes because the manufacturer says this.


  • Built-in Lock Ensures Security of the Fridge
  • Energy Efficient Fridge Saves Money
  • Scratch Resistant Body Keeps Safe From Dents
  • More Space Maximize Storage Capacity


  • Glass Shelves Need Extra Care
  • Temperature Control System May Cause Hassles

8. hOmeLabs Under Cover Beer Fridge with Removable Glass Shelves

Here comes the hOmeLabs under the cabinet refrigerator with 3.3 cubic foot storage capacity. The size is perfect for storing your favorite beverage or anything else you want to put in it. Most surprisingly, you can install this particular mini-fridge wherever you want, including your garage, college dorm, RV, apartment, or flat.

The product has an adjustable temperature control system that makes sure you can easily set the temperature level according to your need. The freezing chamber needs a different temperature than the refrigerating compartment, and you need to maintain to keep your food or drinks intact.

If you like to have an under-counter fridge for office or home that has a professional touch in the making as well as a unique design, then it is going to grab your attention. It will increase the view where you install the product, not only that people will know that you have an attractive personality.

The under-counter fridge from hOmeLabs has a removable drain-tray that ensures no liquid slip away from the refrigerator. The tray will catch every drop of drips when you defrost the fridge.


  • Space Saving Compact Refrigerator
  • Adjustable Temperature Control
  • Food Storage with a Fun & Stylish Finish
  • Reversible Door with Remarkable Storage


  • No Interior Light System
  • A Bit Noise May Come Out From the Fridge

9. Avallon Best Undercounter Beverage Fridge With Right Hinge

Here is a pretty expensive pick from Avallon, and the price worth the happiness you are going to get if you take it for your home or wherever you want. Avallon ABR241SGRH has the ultimate temperature from 34F to 50F with the freestanding feature.

The product is equipped with a true-key lock to ensure maximum security. Stainless steel door with a comfortable handle will give you a seamless hold while opening. A unique fan system enables force exhaust to keep your fridge safe from any issues.

If you are a bit classy about the look, then the interactive interior light system will give a professional designer touch on the design of it. The super-powered compressor increased the lifetime and performance to meet your satisfaction.


  • Sophisticated Touch Control Panel
  • Changeable Internal LED Lights (Blue & White)
  • Built-in Carbon Filter Installed
  • Top Quality Compressor For Powered Cooling


  • Many Users hear Noise From the Fridge

10. Kalamera High Capacity Best Under Counter Beverage Fridge

Here is our last pick of this review post on the best undercounter fridge that would provide you a large storage capacity of holding 175 cans from your favorite beverage brands. It has a gorgeous design that will fit perfectly in your kitchen, or bedroom, or dorm room, or at your office desk.

The built-in unique digital control panel top of the fridge will not only show you how the temperature is working but also let others see the ergonomic design of it. The body is made from stainless steel to ensure that your product is sturdy enough to be durable and going to serve you for a long time.

The glass door is extending the attractive feature, but you may thing glass doors are not safe for use. However, the glass door is made from the world's best class glasses that make sure that it is strong and durable enough to perform best in any condition.

A whisper-quiet, powerful compressor improves the performance at a satisfactory level that no one can object to the product. It has a metal-made, the best removable wire racks so that you can put a tall bottle in it whenever you need it.


  • Can Store a Large Number of Cans
  • Sophisticated Advanced Compressor for Better Performance
  • Adjustable Wire Racks Maximize Multi-purpose Storing
  • Built-in At a Glance Smart Digital Control


  • Unadjustable When the Temperature is below 38-degrees.
  • Glass-door Must Be Handled Carefully

How We Pick the Best Under Counter Fridge [Most Trusted Method]

People may find this section unworthy, but you should not if you want to get the best under-counter fridge in your home. They may differ their opinion about our method, but the information and the resource we are promised to give you is priceless.

It is probably the most authentic and reliable conversation that we are having with you right now. We are not only writing a review. We are literally speaking with you through words so that you can find it more comfortable, and it's a fact. Let's see what our experts are trying to establish.

Developing Primary List of the Best Selling Products

First of all, we make the initial product list from the best performing products to avoid less-quality products. It helps us to be focused on the best undercounter fridges for you. It allows us to present you with a list that will surely fit with your requirement.

Real Under Counter Fridge User Experience

Our review process starts by speaking with real-users of undercounter refrigerators. We try to talk to people that are currently using or used once in the near past. We believe that they are experiencing in real-time, and we can get the most authentic information from them.

It is beneficial for our readers and customers who are here to know information regarding their desired products. Let's move on to the next part.

Under-Counter Fridge Manufacturers' Verdict

Now, we analyze the manufacturers' opinions through their descriptions and collecting info from their website for that particular product. Sometimes the features they are sharing about any product do not match with real-user experience. We immediately eliminate that product from our list to make it more professional and reliable.

Best Under Counter Fridge Critics Opinion

We have a connection with industry specialists who knows everything about under-counter refrigerators. Our experts are discussing every tiny detail about all the products on our primary list.

Analyze All Three Facts & Prepare the Best Under-Counter Refrigerator List

After getting all the information, now we need to decorate our review in a comparison sheet. We start to analyze features and user opinions, as well as the critics' views. We run an in-depth analysis of the comparison sheet to pick the top 10 best under-cabinet best-performing fridges.

However, after completing the comparison, we make our final list that allows you to pick your product from the best of the best product list mentioned above.

Best Undercounter Refrigerator 2023 Buying Guide

Now that you know how we made our list, here in this section, we are trying to develop a buying guide that you are not going to find anywhere else. Before you buy under counter fridge, you should know what features you need to see while you are trying to get the best one. Here's how you choose the best undercounter refrigerator. Let's check it out.

What is an Under Counter Fridge?

Undercounter fridge is the kind of refrigerator that you can put in your kitchen without using extra space. Between your cabinets, you can put it wherever you like. The size is smaller than a typical fridge, and it comes with the most compact design to hold things as the traditional one does.

How to Identify an Under Counter Refrigerator?

If you know the undercounter fridge, then you can ignore this part, but if you are searching for your first one, then read this carefully. There are different kinds of refrigerators in the market, but not all of them are an undercounter refrigerator. Few things make a refrigerator undercounter. Here is the list.

  • Size must be fit under your counter.
  • Space in the fridge must match your needs.
  • Comes with a variety of designs (single door, double door, single part,        double part)
  • What's Matters Most?

    Now, we have shared the basic things you need to know before you buy an undercounter fridge. You need to follow each part of our guideline because if you miss any one of these, then you may end up buying the wrong one. It is going to bring an unnecessary hassle to your home for sure. Let's understand refrigerators and freezers first.

    Undercounter Refrigerators and Undercounter Freezers

    You must know your need when it comes to buying an under counter refrigerator or fridge or freezer. If you do not know what you need, then you may end up buying the wrong one.

    Refrigerators are used to keep food or anything else cold, whereas freezers are used to keep things frozen. So you may need both or any one of them, please know which one you need before you buy it.

    Features That the Best Under Counter Fridge Must Have

    Now, features can be different between products we are reviewing. However, go through the features below that the best under-counter fridge must-have. Check them out below.


    Dual-temperature under-counter fridge units are offering both refrigerator compartment and freezer compartment with a single product. Many manufacturers are extending their quality and branding by providing such products. However, it will give you an incomparable versatility and improves user-experience as it's high.


    When it comes to the height of the under counter fridge, then you must be cautious enough. Keep your measuring tape with you and, most importantly, measure the height of your counter first. However, there are three kinds of sizes we can see. Let's check them out at a glance.

    36" Standard-Height Units

    Some manufacturers are trying to establish that 36" is the standard height, and that includes the casters and legs. However, there's more you should know about it. Let's move on.

    34" ADA-Height Units

    Now, the ADA authority sets a standard height for countertops, and it says that 34" is enough for undercounter fridge. However, if you want to get approved by ADA, then you need to maintain it. Kids and disabled people also need to access the refrigerator properly. It is good to follow the ADA guidelines for the restaurant.

    32" Low Profile Units

    If you need even lower-height undercounter fridge, then you will find some manufacturers that are offering 32" tall under-counter fridge.

    Overall Size

    Now here we will discuss another significant part of the best under-counter refrigerator size. Let's see them below.

    Single-Door Undercounter Fridge

    Typically, under-cabinet refrigerators have a single door. Actually, it depends on the size of it. If the size is 36" or below, then it will be a single door.

    Double-Door Undercounter Fridge

    Now, if the size of the fridge is 36" to 72," then the fridge needs to have a double door for ensuring the ultimate user experience.

    Three-Door Undercounter Fridge

    Well, for commercial undercounter refrigerators are having them due to their need. If you have enough space in your kitchen, then you can have it also. The standard size for a three-door undercounter fridge is 72" or more.


    Typically undercounter refrigerators are having 30" to 33" depth. There are options for choosing which one you need because it's essential to measure the depth of your undercounter. If you are not sure about it, then measure the depth to avoid ending up buying the wrong one.


    Take a careful look at your refrigerator to see where the intake and exhaust are located. Compare them with your place to see if it fits there correctly. It can stress the fridge if they are stressed due to their position, and it can lead it to premature failure.

    Breathing Option: Side or Rear

    If the exhaust is located on the right side, then you cannot keep any cabinet on the right side. However, if you do so, then your refrigerator may end up losing its durability and performance. Be careful if you are choosing this type of fridge and make sure that it fits the space you have selected to put it.

    Breathing Option: Front

    Here's another kind of refrigerator that has the intake and exhaust on the front side. If you pick this type, then you can avoid the clearness requirement that is needed for side exhausting. Select this kind for the ultimate performance and durability.

    Door and Drawer Types

    Now, here is some feature that you should consider when selecting the most durable under-counter fridge for household or commercial purposes. Let's check them first.

    Solid Door Under Counter Fridge

    The solid door on an undercounter refrigerator is the most favorite choice of its users. It is best for energy, stability, and durability of the product. However, you can pick this type if multiple people will use the fridge.

    Glass Door Under Counter Fridge

    Well, for a more classic and attractive look, you may choose this kind of door. You can see what's in the fridge with a glass door. However, it may lack some energy efficiency feature because, with heavy use, the glass may break. If a single person uses it, then it may work perfectly in that case.

    Under Counter Fridge Drawer

    If you want to avoid opening the entire fridge every time you need something, then select a drawer system fridge. It is sturdy enough to be more durable and can handle heavy use. In addition to that, you can open only the part of your fridge you need.

    PRO Tips to Pick the Best Under Counter Fridge

    Here are some professional tips for you from our experts. You can consider them during your purchase. Well, you need to know and understand that there is nothing but to follow expert recommendations to get anything best nowadays. Let's check them out.

    • Consider checking the temperature stability.
    • Pick one that has energy efficiency feature enabled to save your money.
    • Check if the depth and the compartments match your need or not.
    • Easy cleaning and accessibility features to make sure that you are comfortable.
    • Measure your place before you decide any design you like because its essential to know that your fridge will fit under your counter.
    • The capacitor of the fridge must be the best quality to resist different loads.
    • Check if the fridge has a convenient light system inside of it.

    Final Verdict

    Now that we are at the end of our review here and we hope you have everything you need to get the best under counter fridge for whatever purpose you want to use. Throughout our article, we have tried to explain why you need it and how you can utilize it correctly.

    We also have shared the best ten (10) products' pros and cons, including their review so that you can understand what you will get from those products. Our advanced buyers' guide will help to understand what you should look for while you are making the purchase, after all.

    Frequently Asked Questions When Purchasing Under counter Refrigerators

    People are so curious to know about the under-counter refrigerator, and they are asking different questions on various community forums and social platforms. In addition to that, we are receiving many questions from our fans and readers.

    To extend our effort towards our readers, we have decided to share their queries and answers through a FAQ section instead of answering their emails one by one. Check them out in the below section. Let's get started.

    What is Under Counter Fridge?

    An under counter fridge is designed to fit with your kitchen cabinets that offer several facilities as traditional refrigerators provide. Well, you may think that will the compact design of under counter fridge can hold things as the traditional fridge can? The answer is yes, the under-counter fridge designed to offer spaces drawers as the typical ones do.

    What is the Best Undercounter Refrigerator?

    The particular undercounter fridge will meet your requirements is the best one for you. We have shared all of the best undercounter fridges so that you can get the best of the best one for your need.

    Do Under Counter Fridges Need Ventilation?

    Yes, under counter fridges need ventilation for intake and exhaust. It allows the refrigerator to breathe. You should choose the one that has ventilation on the front side because it saves a lot of space.

    How Long Do Under Counter Fridges Last?

    Typically, a quality under counter fridge lasts for over 15 years if maintained properly. However, it can be different upon use. Proper air circulation and breathing would maximize the lifetime of the fridge.

    Are All Under Counter Fridges the Same Size?

    No, not all under counter fridges are not the same size. However, the standard height of the under counter fridge 34" by ADA. You can also find 36" or 32" under cabinet fridge in the market.

    How Many Types of Undercounter Fridges are there?

    The types of fridges depend on the depth and length of the refrigerator. Single Door Fridge (36"), Double Door Fridge (36"-72"), Triple Door Fridge (72" and Above) are the different types of undercounter fridge.

    How do I Choose the Best Undercounter Fridge?

    We have reviewed the best ten undercounter fridges that you can use to choose that matches your need. You can go through our reviews with information, including pros and cons. Follow our buying guide to get an idea about how to choose the best undercounter fridge for you.

    What Should I Check before Buying an Undercounter Refrigerator?

    There are a few things you should check before buying an under-counter fridge. Let's check them out,

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Height, Length, and Depth
  • Breathing options