Why Do Meat Cleavers Have a Hole?

Why Do Meat Cleavers Have a Hole

Meat knives have a hole in the cutting-edge so that they can be easily hung in the kitchen. Naturally, the meat cleavers are very heavyweight. It is tough to put them in a kitchen drawer, blade area, or anywhere you usually keep your kitchen blades.

The hole helps you to appropriately hang your meat cleavers to a nail or pin as your wish. It is easy to keep it in a safe place due to the presence of the hole. Also, at the same time, it saves space in your kitchen area, especially if you have a small area.

In the following part of the article, we will focus on why do meat cleavers have a hole? Keep Reading.

Why Do Meat Cleavers Have a Hole?

A meat cleaver is a heavyweight knife compared to other blades. It is available in varied shapes and styles.

The slayers and the chefs usually use the meat cleavers almost every day. They use them to cut the meats and smash large portions of the tender bones, spines, and other solid bones.

It is their job for which the meat cleavers is an essential element of their daily life. They usually have almost all types of meat cleavers and have a particular area to keep them safely in the kitchen. After using the cleavers, they typically are hung up using the hole present in the meat cleavers.

Everything is kept for a reason; similarly, the hole is kept for a particular reason by the manufacturer. It is often unknown to many of us.

Therefore, the motive to keep the hole in the meat cleavers is written down below:

  • The hole acts as a significant protection characteristic of a meat cleaver.
  • Customarily the big knives have a hole so that they can keep the knife easily hanging in one’s kitchen quickly and safely.
  • At dangling position in an upper height, the hole guarantees that the edge is under control and easy to retrieve.
  • When you try to cut a large portion of meat onto a smaller part using a meat knife, you will see that it creates resistance. This resistance usually prevents you from achieving a flawless cut and also slows down your cutting phase. This hole reduces the resistance to obtain a more effortless and quicker cut of the meat. It is one of the leading causes behind keeping a hollow in the knives.
  • The knife often gets immovable during cutting the frozen meat that the meat cleaver’s hole solves. You can comfortably put your finger and drag it free while cutting rough things like iced flesh.  Except dangling, it is another practical use of the hole.

Therefore, these are the above reasons for which a hole is kept in the meat cleavers.

Meat Cleaver Usages

The meat cleaver was created mainly for the slayers to slice meats and animals’ bones. It is constructed with all the essential mechanisms required to cut hard things. For which, it can do almost all types of works.

A quality meat cleaver can help you cut your fowls, splitting the spines and bones effortlessly and quickly. But nowadays, it has many other usages than just cutting the bones of animals.

The uses of meat cleaver except cutting bones are written below:

  • This type of knife can help you to compress the chicken leg and marinate the cutlets. Some people also use it to shred the raw flesh.
  • A vegan can also be benefited by using this impressive device. They can use it to cut hard substances like big watermelons or coconuts.
  • Chicken cutting into pieces is made easier and faster by the meat cleavers. It is one of the most widespread usages of meat cleavers.
  • Other than cutting meats and bones, the cleavers wide part can also be used for breaking ingredients like garlic.

Hence, these are the main usages of a meat cleaver. To use a meat cleaver, you don’t need to own extraordinary abilities. You only need to know the techniques of how to use them to cut the meats properly.

Possible Problems

Everything has an advantage, along with some disadvantages. Similarly, the existence of the hole on the meat cleavers has merits along with some demerits. The key worries are the power and stability of the cutting edge.

It may not be a problem in the case of a high-quality cleaver. But it may be a big problem for low quality or low priced cleavers.

For example, if the hole is big, then the cutting edge will become feeble. That may cause the blade to break while slicing hard pieces. Similarly, if the hole is near the cutting edge back, the overhead part will become feeble. So, giving extreme force on this part of the cutting edge may open the hollow.

However, you don’t have to fear that your cutting edge may break because of the hole if your knife is of good quality.

The hole’s existence is either a benefit or a problem that will depend on your meat cleaver’s quality and usage. Therefore, if your budget is low, then you must purchase meat cleavers without holes. As the one with the hollow will limit the knife’s duration.

Conversely, if you intend to purchase a good quality meat cleaver, then you must buy the one with the holes. The holes will make your job more comfortable and quicker without negotiating the cleaver’s stability and power.

Therefore, if you plan to purchase a meat cleaver, it is recommended to buy the one with the hole. Overall, the hole’s presence provides for more adequate and favorable accommodation of the cleaver along with its other benefits.


I hope this article helped you know why do meat cleavers have a hole. The existence of the holes in the meat cleavers has many merits without any confusion. It helps to lower the resistance and pressure, hence making cutting more comfortable for you.

Usually, all types of meat cleavers don’t have a hole in their blade. It depends on you which one you want to buy for yourself.