How to Reheat Soup in Instant Pot

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Reheating soups in an instant pot is so much easier than in other cookware. In fact, many people, including me, prefer to use the Instant Pot rather than a microwave or stovetop since it is quick, mostly hands-free, and keeps the food’s natural texture.

To reheat the soup in the Instant Pot, you just need to pour it in, put the lid on, and close it. Then, set the time to ZERO. When the Instant Pot is warmed up, it will heat up the soup in just 3-5 minutes.

There is no one-size-fits-all method for reheating soup in the Instant Pot. For thin soups and similar dishes, the “quick” approach works well. Whereas for thicker soups like clam chowder or potato soup, add some water and use the sauté function at low heat for 5-7 minutes.

Here, I will let you know how to reheat soup in the instant pot. Also, I will give away extra details that will help you clarify further confusion.

How to Reheat Soup in Instant Pot (4 Steps)

Instant Pots can be used for cooking, simmering, and reheating foods. You can have a quick look at the step in the following section. However, some people would need more details. In that case, you can go over the detailed instruction.

All the steps at a glance

I need you to know something before checking the steps for heating soup. Have you cooked the soup in the instant pot?

If so, most people will keep the leftover soup in the pot. And the following steps apply to storing the arrangement of the soup.

  1. Take out the pot from the refrigerator,
  2. Remove the silicone cover of the pot,
  3. Set the pot inside the stove,
  4. Select a heating mode, e. g. Keep warm; manual or Pressure Cook

Follow the steps below to use an instant pot to reheat soup easily.

Step 1: Take out the pot from the refrigerator

Typically, when we utilize an instant pot for making soup, we don’t transfer the remaining soup for storage. Considering you have done the same- first, you take out the pot from the fridge.

However, you might not have done the same. In that case, you take out the individual container you keep the rest of the soup.

WAIT! Are you thinking of setting that content directly inside the instant pot stove? I hope you are not thinking so.

What you need to do is- transfer the soup from the container to the INNER pot of the instant POT. Go through the next step now.

Step 2: Remove the cover off the pot

You might think that you need to pop the pot inside the cooker with the silicone cover. Maybe there you have some cover made from plastic or some other material. Whatever the case is, you must not cover the inner pot with anything but the unique lid it comes with.

Remove the cover off the pot

Step 3: Set the pot inside the stove

Next, you set the inner port inside the instant pot once the pot is free of the lid.

Set the pot inside the stove

Step 4: Select a Heating Mode (e.g Keep warm, manual, or Pressure Cook)

Now that the inner pot is inside the cooker, you need to select a heating mode. There are two options available for heating. One is KEEP WARM, and another is MANUAL/ PRESSURE COOK.

Select a heating mode, e. g. Keep warm; manual or Pressure Cook

Two options have two purposes.

Keeping warm is used to reheat the soup slowly. In this setting, you need to cover the pot with the lid the inner pot comes with.

Note that the time it’s going to take will vary depending on the ingredient you got in the inner pot.

Use manual or pressure cooking for heating the soup faster. In that setting, the timer should be set to 0 minutes.

Now, you wait till the soup is thoroughly heated.

Frequently Asked Questions on Reheating Soup in Instant Pot

Now, I will answer some queries relating to heating and cooking food in an instant pot. Go over them to know a few more essential things.

How to warm up food in an instant pot?
Add the leftovers to the insert pot and hit Keep Reheat, and the food will slowly warm up. As long as you don’t have a time crunch and don’t require the food to be reheated in a hurry, this method will work well.

Step 1- Put the food inside the inner pot.
Step 2- Set the pot into the cooker of the inner pot.
Step 3- Now, set the heating food. You can select Keep warm to warm up the food slowly. Conversely, you need to select Manual/ Pressure cook to warm up the food faster.
Step 4- After setting the cooking mood, you wait till the food is warmed up. And the time will vary depending on the category of the ingredients.

Can you use a pressure cooker to reheat food?

Before I answer the question, know that – we are talking about PRESSURE cookers here. This means, those pressure cookers, and instant pots are not essentially the same. Anyway, there are 3 steps for reheating food with a pressure cooker.
Step 1- Add a small amount of water to the cooker/pot (If the food is liquid). However, if you think more should not be added, you do so. If the food doesn’t contain any liquid, you need to add water. Also, you need to use the necessary accessory.
Step 2- Close the lid properly.
Step 3- Set the flame accordingly.

How to reheat frozen soup in an instant pot?

You can reheat the frozen food in an instant pot with the PRESSURE COOK function.
Step 1- Put the food into the inner pot.
Step 2- Cover the lid.
Step 3 – Step the heating/cooking mode in PRESSURE COOK. You need to pressure cook for 5 minutes straight.
Step 4- Finally, use the QUICK RELEASE function to lose the pressure inside the pot.
Step 5- Check if the food is defrosting. If not so, you can keep heating.

What is the instant pot warm-up time?

Generally, soups take 3 to 5 minutes. But the time depends on what is reheating with the instant pot. In that regard, frozen food will take longer.