How to Use Bottom Loading Water Dispenser


People nowadays prefer water dispensers to avail safe drinking water, which allows them to keep the water safe from harmful things like germs, fertilizers, copper, nitrates, etc. It enables you to have clean and fresh water every time, and it is reasonable, handy, as well as easy to use.

In this writing, we will mainly discuss how to use the bottom loading water dispenser properly to find the best results.

How to Use Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Just like top-loading water dispensers, the same materials avails to a bottomless water dispenser. The only difference is in the water pump they have used to draw the water into the water tank.

They have a compact design, and their bottle is stored in the bottom, which makes them much shorter. So, it takes less space to fit in.

The refilling process in bottom loading water dispenser is much more comfortable. There is a cap and hose with it.

You have to peel off the seal of the top of the bottle and have to fit the cap over it. Now slide the bottle into the bottom of the water cooler. It is ready to use.

For filling the tanks, simply press down on the water tape, and the pump will suck up the necessary amount of water.

Why should You Use Water Dispenser

Here are some benefits, and we think these benefits are enough to encourage you to use the water dispenser.

  • Taste is better than tap water
  • Filtration removes lots of germs, chlorines, metals, other contaminants from water which makes water healthier
  • Makes it easy to drink more water
  • With the water dispenser, you will have enough water to drink all the time, which will eventually reduce your need of drinking.
  • You don’t have to buy lots of bottled water which will save your money

In this type of water dispenser, it is quite easy to load stream. Besides, no additional filter is required.

Water Quality

Just like other water dispensers, it uses water jugs. But instead of plastic tanks jugs, most of the bottom loading water dispensers chill water in stainless-steel tanks that don’t convey any flavors or odors. Ultimately, you will get clean-tasting odor-free fresh water.


In the case of buying a price, you have to pay more amount than top-loading water dispenser, but the operating cost is almost the same.


Points to be Considered Before Using a Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Some considerable things before using a water dispenser are as follows

Your Space

You must have to be careful about your space where you want to set up the water dispenser. Buy according to your area.

Your Budget

The budget is always vital when buying anything. You should do some research to find the best one amid your budget. You will find varieties of water dispensers in different price ranges.

Extra Features

You should also consider some additional features, for example- purification system, hot and cold water feature, conversion kits, cup holders, drip tray, etc.

Alternative to Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Top Loading Water Dispenser

These types of water dispensers are less expensive, and no additional filter is required for this type of water dispenser.

Water Quality of Top Loading Water Dispenser

In this type of water dispenser water, jugs are placed on the top of the more refreshing and you can take water directly from the water tank below. Some companies such as- Crystal Springs, Sparkletts supply water jugs, and before reaching, you have to go through extensive filtration.

The standard treatment of water purifying is to use carbon filters for removing pesticides and heavy metals, ultraviolet light for destroying and breaking down microbes, and ozonation for killing germs. Not all companies maintain the same procedure, but you can say it is the most common way.

Removing any residual chlorine is also universal so that the jug’s water tastes a little cleaner than the tap water.


Top loading water dispensers are the least expensive water dispenser. The price is dependent on which company’s water dispenser you are buying. But these types of water dispensers have some long-term costs such as- water jugs.

Final Words

Now you have enough ideas about how to use bottom loading water dispensers. Though it is your choice which water dispenser will you choose but our suggestion (for your home or small office) is to purchase bottom loading water dispenser.

Bottom loading water dispensers are reasonable to buy, easy to load, and also easy to install. With the bottom loading water dispenser, you will have fresh, clean tasting water.