How to Use a Microwave Bacon Cooker?


Using a microwave cooker for bacon often sounds so complicated for some people. But in reality, if you know how to use a microwave bacon cooker, then it would be way easier than in the ordinary regular stove.

In the market, there is plenty of microwave bacon cooker and widgets regarding this. And using method of those microwave cooker varies widgets to widgets. So one should learn how to use a microwave bacon cooker properly. In this article, we will show you this.

Why use a microwave bacon cooker

People who cook so frequently, they know bacon cooking takes time and lots of work. And the struggle is way more when the dish happens by the regular stoves.

So if you can use a microwave bacon cooker then cooking would be much more comfortable and quicker and it will save you time. Another thing, have you ever wondered how you could make your bacon crispy and can you make your bacon crisps by your regular stoves?

The answer is No. You cannot make your bacon crisps by your regular stoves. If you want to make and enjoy bacon crisps, then you must have to use a microwave bacon cooker.

Method of using a microwave bacon cooker

There are various kinds of microwave bacon cooker in the markets, and the using methods are different. There are ordinary regular microwaves that cook bacon. If you want to cook bacon in your existing microwaves, then all you need is paper towels and a microwave-safe plate.

Other than that, there are also various kinds of bacon cooker, which helps you to cook your bacon directly.

Let's discuss all these bacon cookers and how you can use it.

The Microwave Cooker:

1. First and foremost, the thing you have to do is arranging the bacon in the microwave tray vertically on its side

2. Try to stick the skewer with the end of the plate while you are cooking your bacon

3. Cover up the whole bacon tray with a paper towel if you want to reduce the splatter. (if desired)

4. Try to follow the timing according to your microwave charts. In average, 12-14 slices of bacon take 1000-watt microwave and take 10 minutes.

5. Then the final thing you can do is, remove the skewers and serve.

Microwave power crisps maker:

1. First and foremost, arrange the power crisps in a tray and insert the racks in oven base

2. In this cooker, you may cook about up to 9-10 kinds of bacon strips. Put the bacon strips in the tray

3. Cover it up with a paper towel to reduce the splatter. (optional)

4. It takes 6-8 minutes in the 1000-watt microwave for 9 slices to make it crispy

5. Immediately lift it off with something put it in a paper towel and transfer in a plate and serve!

Microwave grill maker in bacon tray:

1. First thing you have to do is, without touching it, put your bacon in the tray.

2. You will need a vented lid in this process. It would help if you covered it up with a vented lid or something like it.

3. Follow the instructions and directions according to the microwave chart. In average in this process, it takes 6-7 minutes to cook 6 slices of bacon in the 1000-watt microwave

4. Remove the bacon from the tray and put it in a plate

5. Try to cover it with a paper towel to absorb the extra oil and serve!

Setting the time for your microwave bacon cooker

Setting time is another crucial task for cooking. For different recipes and the different types of bacon, the cooking time of bacon varies. Like it depends on some certain thing; i.e. the wattage of the microwave, the number of bacon you are cooking, sometimes the thickness of the bacon, and the level of crisp you want.

The wattage of microwave:

Sometimes cooking depends on the wattage of the microwave. Different microwave has different wattage of microwave. So according to the wattage of microwave you need to set the cooking time in your cooker. You will find the wattage sticker inside the microwave cooker or at the door of it.

The amount of bacon you are cooking:

Time will depend on the number of bacon's slices you are cooking. Like if you are cooking only a few, then it would be much faster. On the other hand, if you are cooking 5-10 slices then you need to set your time a little bit more.

The thickness of the flesh:

Sometimes the cooking time also depends on the thickness of the slices. If you have thick slices to cook, then generally it will need to take more time to prepare. In contrast,  if the slices are not that thick than it will take less time than that. And on average it will take 5-6 minute to cook.

The level of crisp you want:

If you want to make your bacon crisp, then the cooker will need more time to cook. Generally, the more level of crisp you want, the more cooking time will require. And for crisp, it will take on average 10-15 minutes in 1000-wattage of the microwave however it varies.

Final thoughts

Using a microwave bacon cooker for cooking is always time saver and faster. All you need to know is the correct way of using it. The significant fact about using a bacon cooker is that it will make the bacon hot and crisps instantly and perfectly. We hope you will find something helpful from this writing.