How to Use a Microwave Bacon Cooker

Microwave bacon cookers make the process of making crispy bacon easier. Using the method of the bacon cooker varies from one to another. Read this thoroughly to get useful instructions on using the procedure of microwave bacon cooker.

Microwave Bacon Cooker

Microwave bacon cookers are helping gadgets for cooking bacon using the microwave. These make the process easier than stovetop or oven. Different kind of microwave bacon cookers is available at super shops and online. Some of the best are given below-

  • Makin Bacon
  • Presto Bacon Cooker
  • Microwavable Bacon Tray with Cover
  • The Original Bacon Wave
  • How to Use a Microwave Bacon Cooker

    It is easy to use a microwave bacon cooker. But the procedure varies. Here are some most common microwave bacon cookers using the guideline.

    Microwavable Tray with Cover

    This kind of cooker is a tray. Besides, it has grooves. It helps to draw the grease from the bacon. This also has a cover. So the bacon is well heated, and the flavor is intact. Follow these steps and microwave your bacon.

    • Put the bacon on the tray. Make sure that they are not touching.
    • Cover the bacon with the lid properly.
    • Place the tray inside the microwave.
    • Set the temperature as recommended for your microwave. It has seen that six regular size bacon took six minutes in a thousand-watt microwave.
    • Remove the bacon from the tray. Pour the grease into another pot for any further use. Clean the tray with a tissue

    Four to six bacon can be baked at a time. Its' design keeps the bacon elevated.  As a result, fat drips off, and the bacon cooked evenly. But sometimes it may seem that the groove is not enough deep to keep the grease away from bacon. Slots make it hard to clean, but it is safe with a dishwasher.

    Presto Bacon Cooker

    It is one of the best microwave bacon cookers. It has three vertical trays. If you want to dry edged bacon, this is for you. Let's see the procedure.

    • Firstly, you have to assemble the cooker. Insert the plastic racks into the base vertically.
    • Put bacon on the tray so that there is half of the bacon on both sides of the rack.
    • Place a paper towel over the bacon. So less vapor will be left inside the microwave.
    • Put this inside the microwave. Set the temperature as recommended for your microwave. Nine slices take almost six minutes to be crispy in a hundred-watt microwave.
    • After the while, bring out the bacon. Lift the bacon with a stick or a knife as early as possible unless it may stick to the racks.

    You can cook up to nine bacon at a time. As the bacon is hanged down, there is a lot of space for drained grease. So grease does not get mess up the bacon. The bacon is almost evenly cooked than other processes. It is also dishwasher safe. This method is a little messier than other methods.

    The Original Bacon Wave

    This is a cheaper microwave bacon cooker. The thing makes it more preferable that you can stack one tray after another. So you can cook up to twenty-eight bacon at once! Here are the procedures.

    • Put bacon on the tray.
    • Stick the skewers through each bacon to hold them.
    • Cover the tray with a paper towel. It will reduce splatter.
    • Place them inside the microwave. Bake them according to the delivered guideline. 1y7u4 pieces take almost eight to nine minutes in a hundred-watt microwave.
    • Bring the bacon out. Remove skewers. Bacon is ready to serve.

    In this method, the bacon is least shriveled. Many slices of bacon can be cooked at once. But bacon is not evenly cooked.

    Makin Bacon

    It cooks the bacon in the air, and it comes with three stands. The cooking procedure is given below.

    • Firstly you have to assemble it. Push the stands inside the holes.
    • Then drape the bacon over the bars.
    • Cover it with a roller towel.
    • Place it inside the microwave. It takes half to one minute per strip.
    • Bring out the cooker.
    • Remove bacon immediately from bars. Pour the oil from the base.

    You can cook up to eighteen bacon at a time, and the bacon is evenly cooked.


    In the bacon making process, you should be aware of some issues. Do not put cold bacon from freeze to get them evenly cooked. Firstly let them come to room temperature. You can use a roller towel whenever the cooker does not have a lid. It helps to reduce splatter. Do not put too much bacon at a time.

    Neither they will not be evenly cooked, or they may attach. Remove bacon from the cooker immediately after cooking. Else the bacon will keep the shape of the stove and stick to the cooker. And lastly, be careful while bringing the cooker outside because it will be too hot then. Use gloves to bring it out.

    Advantages of a Microwave Bacon Cooker

    Microwave bacon cookers are very much useful in your daily life. It reduces breakfast-making trouble. The benefits of using a microwave bacon cooker are many-

    • It makes the bacon cooked and crispy within a short time.
    • You can cover the bacon to reduce the mess. And it is easy to clean than the cases of oven or stovetop.
    • You can make 12 to 18 bacon at a time.

    But there is one issue. The bacon may not be cooked evenly always. It may stay chewy in the middle while the edges are crispy.

    Cooking Time

    The cooking time depends on your bacon. The more bacon you put at once, the more time is needed. Thicker bacon takes much time. The amount of power your microwave uses also impact on the timing. You must cook the bacon more time if you want it much crispy.

    How to Clean a Microwave Bacon Cooker

    Firstly you should remove bacon from the cooker immediately. Then pour off the oil from the stove into a silicon box to use later—Wipeout the oil with a tissue. Then use the dishwasher if needed.

    Enjoy Your Bacon

    Now you know, how to use a microwave bacon cooker after this reading. Cook your bacon with a microwave, and enjoy your bacon.

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