How to Mix Bleach and Water in a Spray Bottle


Hygiene is one of the essential factors in our daily life. With the progress of science and technology, we human being became vulnerable to many germs, bacteria and diseases as our evolution got us a very sophisticated lifestyle. It is not enough to live in a place. It has become necessary for us to live in a place that is clean and healthy.

To keep our houses clean, we use many chemical or products that contain chemicals that may not be fruitful to us, and these are also expensive. A solution to this issue can be bleach and water. Now if you are wondering how to make the solution of bleach and water then don't worry because we are about to tell you "How to mix Bleach and water in spray" in this article.

Bleach and water are safe because you know what is in the solution and it is not expensive at all.

How to mix bleach and water in a spray?

Now you know how to be aware of bleach harming you. It is about time we tell you how to mix bleach and water in a spray by just following a few simple steps.

Things you need have

There are few things you need to make the solution these are

  • A plastic or glass spray bottle 
  • A cup for measuring
  • Rubber gloves
  • An extra piece of cloth
  • Water
  • Household bleaching powder

When you have all the necessary things, now it is time to put all the ingredients together safely and to do so you require a little idea and some preparation.

You can now put on everything to take protective precautions in case of the bleach spill by mistake. Covering your head, hands with rubber gloves, and feet with shoes is very important.

Important note: When mixing bleach, make sure you are at a place which has proper ventilation. Keep windows open for airflow. Make sure the area is not congested at all.

Bleach and water ratio

The ratio of bleach and water varies in different purpose. Cleaning distinct surface or objects requires a different concentration of bleach in water.

  • The ratio for disinfecting or cleaning surfaces such as the floor or countertop is 1:80. That means to 1 cup, or 240 millilitres of bleach will be mixed with 18.5 to 19 litres or five gallons of water. For small quantity, you can mix 2.5 tablespoons of bleach with 2 cups of water.
  • The ratio 1:10 of bleach and water solution is appropriate to disinfect clinics, hospitals or any healthcare facilities to avoid germs and bacteria or viruses. For small quantity, you'll need one portion of bleach for every nine parts water.

The steps to make the solution

  • At first, pour the bleach into the bottle of spray. And now time to pour the water with the bleach inside the spray bottle. Making the mixture in this manner will prevent the bleach from fallout or splash on you. In case if some black spill or splash or somehow get to you then immediately remove it.
  • Close the lid of the container tightly

  • Carefully shake it to mix it properly

  • When you are done with mixing the solution is ready to use

Factors to keep in mind before knowing how to mix bleach and water in a spray

Before you know how to mix bleach and water in a spray, there are few essential factors that you need to keep in mind. These are few facts that will encourage you to use bleach, water solution for good reasons and some are for your safety and precautions.

The factors are:

Why bleach and water

Household chlorine bleach is a potent disinfectant that is pocket-friendly. Chlorine bleach is strong enough to kill dangerous germs and bacteria, and it is also very easy to get. Keeping a house clean and hygienic is essential for anyone or any family. Cleanliness is especially crucial for people with health problems or autoimmune conditions.


Before you start using bleach There are some precautionary facts that you need to know. Bleach is caustic that can emit potentially harmful fumes which are not suitable for you. That is why it's necessary to dilute the bleach powder to make sure that you are not using it directly at full-strength.

Please do not mix bleach with other solutions and chemicals, and also don't touch bleach with bare skin and never ingest it.

How to stay safe while using bleach

There are a few precautionary steps that you may take to protect yourself from being exposed to bleach directly.

Cover mouth and nose

To protect yourself from inhaling or ingesting bleach, you can put on a dust mask to cover your nose and mouth. If a dust mask is not available, then you can use a cloth to serve the purpose.

Cover hair

You can use a cap to cover your head adequately. In case if you don't have it, then you can use standard hats or raincoat hoody or even shower cap.

Wear something over your clothes

You can put on an apron or extra cloth that you don't mind to use for cleaning stuff. You can also use a kitchen apron or even raincoat. Using a cloth over your fabric may not be essential, but if you have extra sensitive skin or other health problems, then this air of shows or will help.

Use rubber gloves

Using rubber gloves is essential. Bleach is very harmful to the skin when you touch its bare skin. Rubber gloves will protect you from bleach affecting your skin.

Use shoes

It will help if you put on a pair of shoes to cover your feet being exposed to bleach. 

Final Verdict

A clean house is like a safe heaven. And nothing is better than a safe home without worry. Instead of spending so much now, you can make your disinfectant to prevent deadly diseases, germs and bacteria.

Often we don't know what is actually there in the disinfectants that we use. But when you make a disinfectant for yourself, you surely know what is there. Making bleach and water solution is cheap and available, and you have your full manufacturing consent because you are manufacturing it.

Stay clean, stay healthy and have a good day.