How to Measure a Frying Pan?

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Frying pan is a pan with a flat bottom used to fry sear and brown food. There are misunderstandings about the size requirements when selecting the size of pans. Through several dimensions, values, forms, ingredients, and structures existing in the cookware industry, measuring and buying the right frying pan can be a tough task.

In this article, you will get a proper guideline on how to measure a frying pan.

Standard Procedures on How to Measure a Frying Pan

It usually is between 200-300 mm in span with small blinking external, without cap, and an extended knob.


The specification is….

diameter = upper inner diameter

The pan’s total diameter depends on the edge thickness. For pans, the most common sizes are 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 cm. Intermediate sizes, including 14, 22, 26 and 30 cm.


Knowing diameter is a vital part of how to measure a frying pan. Measurement needs to take always from the top inside.


A frying pan have different sizes. Here we have described some different frying pans to help how to measure it.

Square Size Pan:

The size is defined as the sum of two lengths for rectangular pots (e.g., many grill pans and roasters). It is achieved by measuring the upper part of the container, at the longest point in the middle. Many grill pans have a size of 28 x 28 cm.

Oval Size Pan:

A circular shape of pan is best for fish fry and roaster.

Best diameter for oval shape is…..

Base diameter = contact surface, i.e., the surface on the stove with which the pan, pot, or roaster is standing.

Height of Pan:

You need to know the height to measure a frying pan.

the height of a cookware defines the height of the outer edge, perpendicular to the contact surface from the upper edge of the cookware. You do not need to take into account lids, handles etc.

The internal height (i.e., from the frying surface to the edge) can be determined by removing the lower thickness from the height.

Capacity of a Pan:

A cookware's capacity means the container's maximum ability.

For example, let's say we have a pot with a defined capacity of 4 liters. When cooking intensively, the same volume is too much, more than 3 liters would not be filled to keep it from boiling over. And if the pasta cooking water foams? It could be too much to fill only 2.5 liters.

So, is this a bowl of 2.5 liters? Or a container of 3.5 liters? No, the only appropriate limitation in terms of edge high filling is the maximum capacity.

Pressure Cookers:

For safety reasons, the allowable pressure cooker filling quantity is significantly lower than the pot size.

Some Best Frying Pan:

Some standerd size of frying pan and their use are as follows.

20 cm Diameter:

Always perfect for frying bind tomatoes, severed mushroom, onion, and other small ingredients.

24-26cm Diameter:

To fry eggs with the 20 cm frypan is prodigious, and usually have slightly higher points to making them suitable for frying asparagus, twisted eggs or cobs of maize and bigger slices.

26-28cm Diameter:

These are flexible frying pan dimensions to cook for two persons though being big enough to produce food serves for four persons. These are good to fry whole or cut and divided vegetables and proteins.

30-32cm Diameter:

These huge frying pans are best for family or those who like most to fry big foods, full fishes, and other big meals.


A fry pan package is an excellent way for buck and versatility to get extra bang when you are cooking. To make the process much smoother and quicker you must choose a proper sized frying pan. All the information given above will make you understand how to measure a frying pan, what size and choice of material you want before buying it.

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