How to Clean BBQ Grill with Oven Cleaner

How to clean BBQ grill with oven cleaner

After the BBQ grill, there would be burnt-on residue coating on the grill grates. Cleaning that grates are a difficult job, but if you clean it after every use, then the coating becomes easier to clean.

However, you must maintain a deep clean once in a month if the grilling machine is on rough use. If you are careless about your BBQ grill cleaning, the residue becomes gross, and it might be harmful or creates rust on the grill.

Cleaning BBQ grill

BBQ grill cleaning requires some tools to clean its different types of parts such as grill cleaner, paper towels, detergent, scrubber, sponge, brush, and bucket.

Firstly, you have to remove the inside pan of BBQ grills to clean the residue and wash it if necessary. Then replace the pan within the grill.

Secondly, you put the cleaner on grill grates and brush them thoroughly. You can use the cleaner on the interior side only. You have to use soapy water to clean the exterior side of the BBQ grill. Because the exterior side might be made of stainless steel or glass.

Some steps to clean the BBQ cleaner:

  • Put gloves because BBQ cleaner is a very caustic
  • Put the cleaner on the unmovable residues for half an hour to soften the buildup
  • Brush on the grates to loosen them and wipe it through a paper towel (you can use a steel grill brush to remove the hard residue)
  • Wipe the exterior side with a soapy sponge and wipe it with a paper towel

You should heat the BBQ grill before cleaning it because this pre-heat will help to loosen the grates. After scrubbing the BBQ grill, take few more times before wiping down. Better to clean the grill after each cooking because, at that time, the grill seems hotter.

You should also spare the parts (movable) of BBQ machine-like as plates and grills. Try to be careful while cleaning the stainless part as it can be easily scratched.

Some professional cleaners serve the cleaning service of the BBQ grill. In many places, a mobile BBQ grill cleaning service becomes popular like Toronto.

Some Professional Tips for Cleaning BBQ grill Machine

Apply Dishwasher as a cleaner:

  • If your BBQ grill plate is not so big, then you can quickly put it into the dishwasher but before wiping out the loose residue.

Scrubbing is your friend:

  • Scrub hard to erase the hard residue

Onion can be the partial solution:

  • Take a half-cut onion, hold it by a fork and scrub all over the grill grates to assist the steam cleaning.

Use Y shaped Cleaner:

  • It will give a satisfying cleansing to the grill and even between grates

Aluminum Foil & Kitty Litter:

  • Put the aluminum foil on the tray and fill it by kitty litter. Keep that for a while and remove after saturating.

Teflon Sheets:

  • You can use Teflon sheets to clean your BBQ grill. You can easily have it from the big shop near you, but you need to mention the BBQ Teflon sheets.

Cleaning the Lava Rocks:

  • You can put the lava rocks into the bucket full of soapy water, clean them, and put them to their previous place.

Avoid Scrubbing on Stainless Steel or the Glass of BBQ grill:

  • To keep the stainless steel scratch-free, you should avoid scrubbing on the stainless steel part and even on the glass because scrubbing on the glass will loosen the transparency.

Checking the leak:

  • Through soapy water, you can spray on the gas valve and regulator to check the leaks.

Avoid High pressure on BBQ cleaner:

  • Avoid clogging and grease flying
  • Avoid harsh cleaning on BBQ grills

BBQ Grill Cleaning Simple Steps Overview:

  • Disconnect Gas chamber
  • Spare the movable part of grills
  • Apply the cleaner on interior parts and leave for half an hour
  • Brush the interior side
  • Apply soapy water outer pat of BBQ grills

Some popular cleaners:

- To clean the stainless steel, therapy cleaner & polish is one of the popular BBQ cleaners

- Easy off Cleaner is the low-cost BBQ cleaner and good at removing greases and other burned residue within 5 minutes

- Weber Grill cleaner is globally approved, environment-friendly, certified as non-toxic and no skin irritation

- Citrus BBQ Grate Cleaner is also non-toxic, non-flammable, free from phosphate, and environment-friendly.

You can keep the drip tray of the BBQ grill machine clean always by putting the aluminum foil as well as kitty litter. When you line up the foil paper, it will discard the absorbent materials so easily.  You can only replace the dip tray foil and refill the kitty litter.

The best way not to let the BBQ plate gets dirty through using the Teflon grill sheets. By these sheets, you can clean the plate with zero effort. And another charming thing is that the plate might never get dirty.

To bring or keep the shininess of BBQ Stainless Steel, you should not use the BBQ cleaner because they tend to be harsh, which eventually spoils the shininess of glass or steel. You would instead use a sponge and soapy water to clean the upper layer.

End Words: How to clean BBQ grill with oven cleaner

BBQ grill cleaning is a tough job for many people as they don’t know the proper guidelines. Some might find it time-consuming rather, they rely on the mobile cleaner to clean their staff.

But as the business world is developing day by day, the emergence of BBQ cleaner (spray, or liquid) is also increasing. Multiple branded with upgraded quality can be found to the nearer shop of your residence.

While cleaning the grill, you must care about you for not being harmed. You may use gloves, keep different pots to store the residue, liquids staff, and vice versa. Moreover, you try to read the manuals before cleaning or before using any new cleaners.

Now a days, grill lovers use gas grill to give a touch of smoke to dish. Food tastes good and even it is better on best gas grill.