Can I Use a Grill Pan on a Glass Top Stove?

Can I Use a Grill Pan on a Glass Top Stove Featured Image

Are you looking to cook a juicy steak for dinner at home, and the only option you have is a grill pan and glass top stove? You might be worried if you can still pull it off with what you have.

This article will answer whether you can use a grill pan on a glass stove while also giving you tips on doing it.

Read on to find out more.

Can You Use a Grill Pan on a Glass Top Stove?

It is NOT a good idea to put a grill pan on a glass top stove because they are more prone to scratches. Most grill pans are cast iron, and a few bumps on the stovetop can lead to scratches.

Cast iron pans are solid and durable. Any time you bump a cast iron grill pan on a glass top stove, you can expect to get marks and scratches. However, the cast iron allows for searing food perfectly.

Cast iron pans have a hard and rough finish to withstand the high temperatures during cooking. Since glass stove tops are mainly known for their glossy shine, using a grill pan can damage the surface over time.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Using It

Although using a grill pan on a glass top stove is not recommended, if you decide to go ahead with using it.

There are a few things you should consider:


The heavier the grill pan, the more likely you will damage the stovetop. The weight of the grill pan depends on the material used to manufacture it. Cast-iron is the most common material used and is quite heavy.

This means that adding more large chunks of meat and veggies will only add to the weight, which can put a lot of pressure on the delicate glass of the stovetop.

You can imagine the damage it can do if it accidentally falls onto the stovetop. Therefore, it is best to keep the items on the grill to a minimum.

Also, most grills don’t have a proper handle. The handles are usually long and do not have insulation. This means it tends to get hot, which increases the chances of dropping them.


Size is an equally important aspect to consider. A grill pan should only be a few inches larger than the burner. Since they are usually used for grilling and cooking meat and steaks, there needs to be a large surface area.

This, however, poses a problem for the glass top stove. Most burners on a glass top stove are too small to heat a grill pan fully. In cases where you are cooking meat and steak, it can be tricky since grill pans require an even distribution of heat to be effective.

Cast iron grill pans also tend to trap heat under their surface. This help in heat retention but can be wrong for the glass top stove. Also, it can crack or damage the glass top stove if it gets too hot.

Since glass stoves are expensive, it would be wrong to damage them like this.

The Bottom of the Grill

Glass top stoves require pans with a flat and even bottom to be effective. However, most grill pans have a ridged bottom. This can become an issue for a glass top stove. If the pan doesn’t sit flat, heating may take longer and thus slows down the cooking process.

This can lead to increases in cooking times or even undercooked food. Maintaining the temperature is crucial, and if you fail to do so, the entire purpose of a grill pan is defeated.

Finish on the Grill

Another aspect to consider is the finish of the grill pan. Most cast iron grill pans have a rough, sticky surface. This helps them withstand a high level of heat and retain it for longer. Plus, it can cause damage to your stovetop. So, this is why grill pans have an enamel coating.

The layer heats up quickly and retains it while you cook. This high heat can cause the temperature limiter on the glass top stove to activate and stop the stove from working.

If you have no choice but to use a grill pan, it is better to choose one with an enamel coating as this will protect the glass top stove’s surface from scratches.

What is the Best Cookware for Glass Top Stoves?

Since cast iron grills are unsuitable for glass top stoves, it is better to use an alternative. Here are some options that will be perfect for glass tops:

Stainless Steel Grill Pans

This is by far the best option as it is scratch resistant. The material is solid and durable while still as effective as a cast-iron grill. Their size is also perfect for glass top stoves, but there’s a catch. Stainless steel grills aren’t the best conductors of heat.

However, if you can find a stainless-steel grill pan with a copper or aluminum bottom, this problem is solved. This is because both aluminum and copper are great conductors, which will allow the pan to heat up quickly and distribute evenly.

Titanium Grill Pans

Titanium Grill pans are an incredible option for any stovetop. The material is incredibly durable, light, and nonstick. So, you can hold heat while also being safe for a glass top stove. It is both scratch and abrasion resistive.

Titanium grills pans have a smooth finish and flat bottom while also being quite spacious. It is expensive, but you will love this option if you’re an enthusiast.

How Do You Protect a Glass Top Stove?

The main appeal behind glass top stoves is the flat and smooth surface which is easy to clean. Below are a few ways to keep the stovetops looking brand new.

Clean Spills

Food left on a hot cooktop can cook, burn and become difficult to clean. When cleaning sugary food, it is best to wipe it. But you should direct the spill to a cooler section of the stovetop before wiping it away.

Avoid Abrasive Cleaners

Window cleaners and heavy-duty sponges, scour pads and metal scrubbers are bad for glass top stoves. This is because they are abrasive and can cause scratches.

Don’t Place Stirring Utensil on Warm Cooking Surface

If you mistakenly leave a stirring utensil like plastic or wooden spoon, it may heat up and melt or burn on the stove. Eventually, this can cause long-term damage.

Only Use Recommended Scrapers

If you use any old scraper to remove burnt food or stains on the glass top stove, you may scratch it.


As mentioned earlier, using a grill pan on a glass top stove isn’t the best idea. However, if you use the tips provided in this article or use alternative grill pans, you may be able to pull off cooking a fantastic steak dinner on your shiny glass-top stove.