9 Best Tea Kettle for Gas Stove

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Don't you think, it's not a luxury nowadays to have a tea kettle in your home. It would help you in different ways but to make your favorite tea gift yourself the best tea kettle for gas stoves now and sit back while the water is boiling up for your tea.

Unlike electric kettles, the base of a gas burner tea kettle is always in touch with an open flame. The modern-day gas stove kettles are beautiful and healthy. Now, if you are thinking about the budget?

Don't worry, we have listed some of the top-quality tea kettles that won't break your wallet. All the products will be in the range of $20 to $100.

Choose your kettle based on the feature, design, durability, build quality, and other things. We have considered all the aspects to make your purchase as smooth as it gets.

That's not all, let's check the comparison table and get insider info about all of our products in the following sections.

Our Top 3 Picks

Best all rounder

Chantal Vintage Apple Red

Best on Budget


Best Value

Mr. Coffee Flintshire

List of 9 Best Tea Kettle for Gas Stove

Since you are here, you must be considering buying a teakettle. Here, I have an assorted list of the 9 best stovetops teapots.

Note that this is list is for gas stove kettles. Yet, I have an electric kettle as a bonus suggestion. If you are looking for electric teapots, you can check them in other lists.

Anyway, before starting with the main discussion, you can get an overview of all the products in the following table.

Product Name


Why would you like it

Latest Price

Chantal Vintage

Vintage style, 13 dramatic color variations, Fasting heating, produce 6 cups of tea


Turkish copper (1mm thick), Engraved, No whistle, Nonreactive food safe

Mr. Coffee Flintshire

Durable, Cheapest, Whistling

Le Creuset

Ergonomic, Fast heating, Stain resistant


New technology, Heats faster, Larger body


Includes infuser, Stove & oven use, Boils faster

Chantal Tea Kettle Classic Harmonica

Heavy gauge, 2-tone harmonica whistles


Cast iron, Stainless steel infuser

Suyika Japanese Tetsubin Teapot

Versatile use, Removable infuser, Unique design.

Review of the Best Tea Kettle For Gas Stoves

Now, I will introduce the kettles to you. In the details, I will tell you about the products considering their design, key features, quality, performance with pros and cons. Let's start with the first teapot.

Chantal Vintage: Best Stainless Tea Kettle for Gas Stove

When you think about the reliable cookware for gas stoves, stainless steel is the most recommend materials. I have picked this product on top because it's stainless steel build and beautiful color variations. 

This brand is prominent for making functional and unique teakettles. Since it's made from stainless steel and the interior is coted with enamel you will use it for a long time. Moreover, stainless steel is shock-resistant.

Find more about it below!

Key features

  • Traditional style with matching enamel lid
  • Stay cool handle and knob: Black
  • Spout with 1-tone whistle
  • Large open space under the lid for easy cleaning and filling
  • 13 color variations
  • 1.7 qt, Contain 6-cup water
  • Long-lasting enamel interior
  • Handles hard water and calcium buildup
  • Suitable for all stovetops and inductions


The design is iconic as a traditional stovetop kettle. And, it's demandable and likable. The lid and the body are the has the same color. The belly is big.

But the base is huge! It has a full handle that is attached to both sides. And the handle has a black phenolic grip.

The grip will stay cool all the way. The lid cap and the spout cap are in a round shape. And those are made from phenolic.


It has an enamel coating on the carbon steel body. The enamel coating will last a long time. For the coating, the pot can resist non-purified water.

Generally, calcium builds up inside the kettle by the time. The enamel coating will protect the pot from calcium buildup.


The design contributes to the performance. For instance, the base is bigger than the belly. As a result, most of the water stays at the base, making the water boil faster.


  • Whistles are always on time
  • Loud signal
  • Doesn't discolor
  • Fast heating
  • Long-lasting use


  • Spew water while boiling

DEMMEX: Best Handmade Teakettle for Gas Stove

This is a handmade Turkish teakettle. It's fully made from high-quality Turkish coppers. Wondering about authenticity? These teapots go through an authenticity test. So, no worries.

So, you don't have to worry about the genuineness of the material. Let's learn more about this tea kettle.

Key features

  • Thick engraved copper
  • Capacity: 3.1 Qt.
  • Safe tin lining inside
  • Not artificial polish
  • Produce natural patina
  • Extended lifespan
  • Doesn't whistle


This teapot is gorgeous! One reason is it's made from superior Turkish copper. Moreover, it is engraved and hammered by the nimble hands of the local artisans.

Initially, the glossy might make you think that it has synthetic polish applied to it. Actually, it's the natural polish.

The spout is engraved too, and it's made from brass. The handle is also made from brass. And it has a fastened wood handle.


Since the copper is thick and authentic, you can use this kettle from generation to generation. The inner side of the pot has a safe tin lining.

For your information, copper is not food safe. Hence, they used sustainable tin lining.


You can use the teapot for making all sorts of tea. Want to try Indian chai with it? You totally can. On the other hand, the body is really thick. That's why it takes a little longer to heat liquids.


  • Top-quality copper that heats even faster
  • Suitable for making all sorts of tea


  • Discolor over time

Mr. Coffee Flintshire:  Small Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Cattle

This teapot can be used to make different kinds of hot beverages. From a soothing cup of hot chocolate to warming up a large amount of water- all can be done with it.

Key features

  • Brushed Satin
  • Stainless steel
  • Capacity: 1.75 Qt.
  • Whistling teakettle alerts
  • Flip-up spout cover
  • Bakelite stay cool handle
  • Safety trigger
  • Hand wash
  • Maximum water level mark


This teakettle has a simple look yet pleasing. And the surface has a glossy look with a frosted texture. For the handles and spout cap, they have used plastic.

The plastic is gradient. The shiny textured body complements the gradient plastic parts. The base of the kettle is bigger than the belly. That creates an amazing combination of modern and traditional forms.


It has high-quality plastic and stainless steel. So, you can expect to use it for a long time. The spout cap has a sturdy hinge. So, it won't break easily for frequently closing and opening it.


As the base is bigger than other areas, the biggest amount of water will be there. That's why the flame will reach the amount of water and heat it faster.


  • Suitable for all kinds of stove-tops
  • Cooks various types of hot beverage


  • Whistle doesn't work all the time

Le Creuset: Best Whistling Tea Kettle for Gas Stove

This is an enamel stovetop kettle. Actually, it's made from stainless steel. And it has an enamel layer on it. If you follow the instructions given, it can be utilized for a long period.

Key features

  • Single-tone whistle alert
  • Equal heat distribution
  • Flip-open spout cap
  • Stainless steel
  • Heat-resistant handle
  • Capacity mentioned on the body
  • Suitable for all stovetops and inductions


The formation captures both modern and traditional form stovetop. The color and the curves of the teakettle make it look luxurious.

The base is larger than other parts of the body. So, it can bear a generous amount of water.


The enamel won't wear even after long-term use. The handle won't melt down as it is made from heat-resistant plastic.

The plastic has been used for the spout cap and lid top. The materials are completely non-toxic. So, you won't have to worry about contaminated water.


The structure of the base helps the water to boil faster. You can make coffee in this teapot along with other hot beverages.


  • Doesn't sputter when water simmers
  • Stain-resistant stainless steel


  • The top cover is a little tight

SUSTEAS Stove Top Whistling Tea Cattle

This teakettle is unique for its design. Besides, it has some technology that you won't usually find in other pots.

Alongside helping you with boiling water, it will look nice on the kitchen counter. Let's learn about its main feature.

Key features

  • Push-lever technology for spout cap
  • Ergonomic handle
  • A nice and loud whistle
  • 3 layers solid yet thinner base
  • Faster boiling time
  • Thick body
  • Capacity: 3 liters, Boiling capacity: 2.7 liters
  • Dimensions: 10.59 x 8.03 x 7.95 inches
  • 2-way pouring methods


Unlike the other traditional and vintage products, it has a very different vintage appearance.

Once you have a look at the product, you will see the difference between this kettle and a traditional stovetop kettle.

Overall, it has a sophisticated design. The body is roughly the same as the base, and the size is huge.


As it's made from high-quality stainless steel, there is no possibility of rusting. The handle is super comfortable.

And, it's fully heat-resistant. But, the exterior color can't resist direct flame. Other than that, you can expect a satisfactory function.


They have used innovative technology for this teapot. For instance, it has a 3-layered base. Don't think that it will take longer to boil.

The technology actually helps the water to boil faster. In addition, they tried to make the use easier. There is a push lever on the handle to close and open the spout cap.


  • Huge space inside
  • Easy to clean
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Fast Boiling 


  • Color is not direct-flame resistant

Hiware: Best Glass Tea Kettle for Gas Stove

This is the first glass teapot on my list. I guess you have been waiting for a kettle like this one. The overall look is stunning. Excited to know to learn more? Check the features now!

Key features

  • Heat-resistant borosilicate glass
  • Removable stainless-steel mesh infuser
  • Non-dripping spout
  • User-friendly handle
  • Dimensions: 8.8 x 7.1 x 5.4 inches
  • Capacity: 1 Liter


The formation is pretty simple. It's just plain glass. Still, it looks captivating. Let's consider the handle design. It's big and solid. And, you will have a good grip on it. Besides, it won't heat up.


It is thoroughly heat resistant. And, you can use them on cooktops, inductions, microwaves. Although it's made from glass, it won't be break if it hits with other utensils.


You can heat water faster with this glass teapot. Moreover, it's a multi-purpose teakettle. You can boil tea, water, and other ingredients as these pots contain infusers.


  • Stove and oven safe
  • Multi-purpose
  • Transparent body allows you to enjoy while making tea.


  • Small size
  • Breakable material (Obviously, GLASS)

Chantal Tea Kettle Classic Harmonica Whistling

If you want a beautiful whistling teapot with proper functionality, you should check out this enamel stovetop kettle.

Key features

  • Two-tone harmonica whistles
  • Heavy gauge non-toxic stainless steel
  • Fast heating: Wide and flat base
  • Wire loop handle
  • Embroidered, hefty mitt
  • 1-4/5-quart capacity
  • Stainless inside and copper-plated outside


The pot looks chic and appealing. The glossy color and plain modern design will take your heart away!

One thing Chantal follows, they don't send the design to the production until it's perfect and useful. The base is wide and flat.

And the spout has an accurately fitted cap. The most noticeable thing about this teapot is the design of the handle.


There is no compromise in terms of quality. The copper plater exterior will never fade. And the interior is made from safe stainless-steel layers.


Since the base is flat and wide, the heat will be distributed evenly through the bottom. As a result, you will have a water boiler very quickly. The modern handle design will provide you a better grip.


  • Bears huge amount of water
  • Heat resistant mitt free


  • Inconvenient water filling for the handle

TOPTIER: Best Small Tea Kettle for Gas Stove

Looking for something vintage even more gorgeous? You will like this teapot then. The design plan, patterns on it, and the user-friendly feature will easily make it fall for it.

Let's look at its' key features.

Key features

  • Cast iron
  • Removable stainless-steel infuser
  • Dribble-free spout design
  • Good-grip handle
  • Rust resistant
  • Stovetop use only
  • Stain & odor-free
  • Enamel plated interior
  • Heavy-duty use


The teakettle has a magnificent vintage design. It was the leafy pattern on the body that provided an aesthetic look.

They have put a lot of thought into the design. The entire look is associated with nature and purity, and it's inspired by Japanese culture.


It's made from cast iron. Cast-iron kitchenware is the best heavy-duty item. Also, cast iron makes testier tea, and it's safe too.

The color won't wipe out either. The teapot can be used for a prolonged life span. Basically, it's only a stovetop kettle. As long as you use the stovetop, the color will always be the same.


Water will boil faster in this cast iron teakettle. The spout design is ergonomic. Hence, the liquid won't dribble by the exterior wall of the spout.


  • The safest cookware as it's cast iron
  • Lead and cadmium safe
  • Perfect gift for loved ones


  • Small belly
  • Only for stovetops

Suyika Japanese Tetsubin Teapot

This is a cute cooktop non-toxic teapot. You see, it says 'Tetsubin' in the name. In Japan, Tetsubin is known as a cast-iron kettle with a spout.

They have a particular design on the teakettle that is associated with nature. Interesting, isn't it? Now, scan its main features below.

Key features

  • Capacity: 520ml
  • Professionally crafted
  • Filter mesh
  • Dripple-free sprout
  • Enamel lining inside and outside
  • Food safe
  • Removable infuser
  • Versatile use: Coffee, Tea with a teabag, loose tea, scented tea, fruit tea, etc.


To start, the structure is user-friendly. It has a handle that you can invert. Meaning, the handle will move left and right. Let's consider its appearance.

The upper surface has a simple dotted design. The lid has a different design, though. It contains plum blossom patterns, pine leaves, and bamboo.


It's made from cast iron. So, it's durable and solid. Moreover, iron is more stable. For instance, you can mistakenly keep it by the edge of the table.

And, you might hit it, but it will resist the impact. In addition, it has enamel lining inside and outside. As a result, it will be completely rust-free for its entire lifetime.


The particular iron it is made from will heat the water faster. There is a noteworthy aspect of this teakettle. It can make the water taste better.

Consequently, any tea you make in this pot will taste better too. Another reason to like this small teapot is its stainless steel infuser.


  • The handle can be moved from side to side
  • Sweeter and softer water quality
  • Handmade scald safe hemp rope handle


  • Small size
  • Overflows sometimes while water simmers

How to Choose Best Tea Kettle for Gas Stove?

You already have a list featuring the best teapots for gas stoves. On the other hand, there are unlimited options in the market.

Considering all that, you might not really know which one you want. That's why I have gathered some aspects that will benefit you.

Go through the following details so that you can buy a suitable teakettle for a gas stove. The things you should look for - 

The Build Materials

Gas stove teapots can be made from different materials. For example, you have found copper, glass, cast iron, and stainless steel in my list.

Common materials for cooktop teapots are- stainless steel, Aluminum, cast iron, copper, ceramic, and glass. More or less, they will do the work efficiently.

People choose them considering their budget and interests.

Function of whistles

It's very normal to forget that you have set a pot on the gas stove. I myself ended up burning many pots and pans. For that, the whistle function is truly a lifesaver.

All teakettle won't have this feature. If you want a teakettle with whistles, carefully check the specifications of the product.

Size and effectiveness of the lid

This might not seem like an important thing to consider. But it's better if you go for teapots with larger lids. Those lids will allow water to boil faster.

In addition, these lids are easier to clean. On the other hand, you need to check if it is blocking the opening of the pot properly. Even if it doesn't close the opening slightly, it will take longer to boil.

Spout's design

This is also important. Why? You don't want to spill water all over a table or on a kitchen counter. Considering that, you need to check if the spout is practical.

You should opt for a beveled spout. If not curved, just make sure the spout doesn't drip liquid after you are done pouring.

Furthermore, you can go for the two-way filling method. That is, you can fill the pot both through the opening at the top and spout. In that case, you can go for a teakettle with a bigger spout.

Stay-cool & Heat Resistant Handle

This is the only part that helps you to pick up the pot. So, you need to check if it's providing you with a good grip. Also, examine the position of the handle. You don't want it to interfere while you will pour a cap.

Besides, try to know if the handle and covering are heat-resistant. Many people experience handles melting down.

The Capacity of the Teakettle

In general, teapots have approximately 500ml to 3-liter capacity. If you need to boil a large amount of water often, a 3-liter pot will be enough.

Cooking Device and Kettle's Compatibility

You can set all teapots on all sorts of cooktops. Let's say you have a glass cooktop.

The material you can set on that glass cooktop is stainless -less style. Meaning you will need stainless-steel cattle if you have a glass stove.

Design and style

This is relative because liking a specific design or style completely depends on you. Still, you might like to consider it. Pick a design that will suit the overall look of your kitchen.

What kind of tea kettle can you use on a gas stove?

You can use 6 kinds of teapots for the gas stove. Such as- stainless steel, Aluminum, cast iron, copper, ceramic, and glass. Let's discuss them at length.

Stainless steel teakettles

Arguably, these kettles possess extended longevity. Not only that, they can resist impacts from dropping. In addition, stainless steel teakettle has modern designs.

Aluminum teakettles

These are the most low-end teapots. Also, you can't expect to have much beauty from their look. Additionally, they have high resistance scratches. However, aluminum teakettles without copper lining are not healthy.

Cast iron teakettles

Cast iron teakettles are popular too. By the way, I have two cast iron teakettles on the list. They are heavier than other materials too. Also, they are efficient for boiling water along with tea and coffee.

Keep in mind, cast iron is the best material for cookware. But an enamel cover is a must. Otherwise, it's not food safe.

Copper teakettles

Copper heats up easily. As a result, a copper teakettle can simmer water even faster. What is more, medium heat will be more than enough to reach the boiling point of water in a copper teakettle.

Ceramic teakettles

Ceramic teakettles are simply gorgeous. They will certainly enhance the beauty of your kitchen and dining. If you are into traditional design and elegant cookware, ceramic teakettle will undoubtedly touch your mind.

Moreover, there is no possibility of rusting. You can use them year after year unless they break.

Glass teakettles

Glass teakettles are modern creations. And these kettles will be an excellent addition to your kitchen too. They contain way lesser details than a ceramic teakettle. Yet, they look beautiful.

With the simple look and transparent body, you will love to boil water in them. They won't rust either. Like ceramic teakettles, they are also prone to break and crack. You must use these extra carefully.

Final words

It's not critical to have a teakettle. But, in some places, teas have more priority than other drinks. That falls under the cultural aspect.

For example, in Japan, there is a ceremony for tea. On the other hand, it's a custom to have tea for breakfast, after dinner in England. Also, they offer tea to a guest. On the other hand, coffee is widely popular in the USA.

Note that you can make both tea and coffee with teapots. And, kettles have always been popular cookware. In addition, they are most convenient for boiling water! Furthermore, teakettle can be used on a gas stove yet has more widespread uses.

Electric cattle and gas stove teapots have different efficiency. Electric cattle will boil faster. But, it will require an energy source. And, a gas stove cattle will require gas. You choose accordingly.


Now I will answer some queries about the tea kettle for the gas stove. They might help you more. So, have a look at them.

What is the healthiest type of tea kettle?

Glass teapots are the healthiest and safest. They react with water less and don't change the item's taste.

Which brand is best for an electric kettle?

Cuisinart is popular for making the best kind of electric kettle. It offers several benefits as well as durable enough to sustain heavy uses.

Are stainless steel tea kettles safe?

Yes, they are safe. Although, stainless steel kettles contain a certain amount of nickel and chromium. But, the amount of those substances do not pose any serious threat to our body.

Are electric tea kettles worth it?

Seemingly, electric kettles can make water hot faster compared to stovetop kettles. Also, they are energy-saving. These days, you can adjust the water temperature in the electric kettle. Since they have the latest technology and make the work easier, many people utilize them nowadays.

Are Chantal tea kettles safe?

Chantal meets all safety standards. The production follows a German and USA standard. Moreover, they are lead and cadmium safe. Thus, you can use them worry-free.