10 Best Iron Filter for Well Water in 2023

Best Iron Filter for Well Water

Have you ever thought about the danger of having iron in your drinking water? We know iron at an adequate level is beneficial to human health.

But what will happen if it goes beyond these levels?

It may create adverse effects, especially when the water is coming from the well. That's why it is high time to install an iron filter. In this article, we will provide a list of 10 Best Iron Filter for Well Water in 2023.

If you don't have Iron filter at home, you have to manage it urgently. Iron in our water can change its flavor. Besides, it leaves an annoying odor. It forms a horrible stain on linked surfaces, which may harm your household appliances. So, it's high time you should install an iron filter for well water.

Even if you are planning to purchase one, finding the right iron filter can be tough. Here we step in. We will help you with our top picks and buyer's guide. Let's Get Started!

Our Top Picks


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iSpring WGB32BM

Home Master Blue

AFWFilters AIS10-25SXT AFW

Aquasana Whole House Well Water Filter 

Air Injection Platinum

10 Best Iron Filter for Well Water in 2023

Since the market is full of a variety of iron filter, it can make you confused. To ensure that you are getting the best, we have done the in-depth research for you. We have analyzed several experts and customers reviews.

Finally, after researching for several hours, we found our best iron filters. Hopefully, you will get the suitable one that fits your needs. Read on to know more.

1. iSpring WGB32BM Whole House Water Filtration System

Enjoy better water from every tap with iSpring WGB32BM water filtration system. It's a complete water rehab for the whole house. The excellent gradient three-stage filtration helps to reduce iron and manganese residue. That's the reason; it grabs our top place.

Moreover, it features 1-inch NPT inlet and outlet, which has the least impact of water flow. You can get up to 15GPM that is good enough for the whole house. It can minimize iron up to 6ppm down to 0.1ppm.

Features In Details

The iSpring has a filtration capacity of 100,000 gallons with a maximum flow of 8GPM. You can get sufficient water flow even after running multiple outlets at a time. Unlike an RO system, it keeps healthy minerals in the water without reducing TDS.

This three-stage filter is equipped with PP layered sediment and carbon block filter. Besides, its densely-packed carbon block filter delivers better contaminant removal. All these can remove up to 98% impurities.

Overall, it's an excellent value for the money. You can install the system yourself with basic plumbing experience. Besides, it requires minimum maintenance, so you should go for it!


1. Effective three-stage system for ultimate filtration,

2. Maximum capacity,

3. Effective contaminant removal,

4. Easy installation,

5. Low maintenance.


1. Effective three-stage system for ultimate filtration,

2. Maximum capacity.

2. DURAWATER Fleck 5600 SXT Water Softener

In case you are looking for a whole house water softener, Durawater Fleck is what you can consider. It is one of the best water softeners for hard water with ferrous levels up to 2ppm. The Fleck 5600SXT is one of the popular additions from Durawater for many reasons.

One of the top reasons is its unique metered softener valve. This valve can measure water usage and regenerates as needed. You can easily monitor water and salt usage.

Product Features

It includes both water softener and iron filter in one system. The softener can deliver up to 12GPM with 48,000-grain capacity, which is good enough for six people. The system includes beautiful mesh resin, which is designed for high iron removal.

Moreover, the system includes threaded bypass, tanks, paddlewheel meter, drain barb, and safety tank in one package. All these kits make the installation much more accessible.

In brief, it's a complete water filtration system for your household. Besides, get the detailed information about softener through scan and service app. The Fleck 5600SXT is a must-have for try this!


1. Multipurpose Operation,

2. High grain capacity,

3. Ensures better iron removal,

4. Digital meter valve for ease of use,

5. Optimum user capacity.


1. Instruction seems a bit confusing for beginners.

3. Home Master Whole House Water Filtration System

Coming up next is an excellent three-stage filtration system from Home Master. Home Master is widely known for manufacturing a unique reverse osmosis filter system. You can get clean water with optimum pressure performance. Let's see why we choose this.

This excellent filtration system delivers higher flow rate up to 15GPM. Its massive filter housing comes with one-inch ports, which ensure better water pressure possible.

Furthermore, it combines multi-gradient sediment, radial flow iron, and carbon filter. These can produce more exceptional filtration and excellent dirt holding. It can reduce contaminants up to 3ppm for reducing stains, foul tastes, and odors.

The system also features a replaceable coconut shell carbon filter with 100,000-gallon capacity. It ensures a whole year purification for a family of four. Even after removing up to 95% of contaminants, it requires less maintenance.

Overall, this filtration system makes a massive difference in the iron content of the water. You should consider this for your household as most users prefer this.


1. Great filter housing,

2. Strongest water pressure,

3. Excellent purification capacity,

4. Great dirt-holding capacity,

5. Minimal maintenance.


1. It may not fit in every home,

2. Replacements filters are not that affordable.

4. AFWFilters AIS10-25SXT Water Filter

Are you looking for a whole house oxidizing water filter which doesn't require chemicals? AFWFilters AIS10-25SXT water filter can be an excellent option for you. Its unique air injection system offers low-cost removal of impurities without chemical injection.

The first thing we appreciate is its automatic back washing digital controller. Its dependable valve shows the water ratings for ease of use and low maintenance. Also, it doesn't require a separate pump for air injection.


1. Ease of use,

2. Easy to maintain,

3. Doesn't requires a separate tank,

4. Easy installation,

5. Remove Sulfur and Manganese efficiently.


1. You may need plumber due to tricky manual,

2. A bit pricey but worth it.

5. Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener Whole House System

Our next recommendation is one of the best sellers in the industry and backed by lots of customer reviews. The Fleck 5600SXT is a whole house system along with water softener and iron filter. You'll appreciate its unique features.

Unlike others, the system uses a flow meter to measure the water use and regenerate according to use.  This sturdy paddle-wheel style meter can hold up better than turban style.

You can monitor data and troubleshooting through LCD's current system status and error codes. It includes easy touch pad controls for quick control of overall features.

However, the system features a bypass valve with a 1-inch yoke connection for ease of connection and service. It will provide a flow rate up to 12GPM, which is perfect for up to 6 people. With 48,000 grain capacity, you'll get maximum purification.

Above all, its high-efficiency resin and control head offers soft water by saving water and salt. You can effortlessly install it if you have the necessary plumbing skills. Undeniably, it works great, so check the store NOW!


1. Extremely easy to install,

2. Robust paddlewheel style meter,

3. User-friendly LCD and controls,

4. Better flow rates,

5. Sufficient capacity.


1. Instructions are complex,

2. Resin level seems low compared to others.

6. Iron Pro 2 water softener iron filter for the whole house

Isn't it great to get a water softener and iron filter combination within budget? Indeed! The Iron Pro 2 from AFWFilters provides all in one with high water flow. Indeed, it's an excellent option for the whole house. After knowing all other features, you'll definitely agree with us.

With 64,000 grain capacity, it can serve the household of more than six people. The system can handle manganese up to 6ppm and iron up to 6-8ppm range. Thanks to its fine-mesh resin, which helps in high iron removal and long life.

The water softener can eliminate hardness up to 75gpg. It includes a fully-programmable head which makes the system easy to use. By regenerating water, its meter-based system can save water as well.

Moreover, this metered valve is efficient for such an extensive system. The bypass valve is used for easy servicing and connections. The entire system is easily installable as it includes DIY instruction. Considering all these, we must say it's a must-have for the whole house.


1. Versatile operation,

2. Excellent grain capacity,

3. Efficient meter valve,

4. Removes hardness proficiently,

5. Easy to use.


1. Some user found DIY instruction a bit vague.

7. Fleck IRONPRO2 Combination Water Softener Iron Filter

One more water softener and iron filter combination in the list, but with different grain capacity. Fleck IRONPRO2 is suitable for household demand for 32,000 grains. Let's what else it brings for you.

The first we would like mention is its unique digital metered valve, placed on filter's head. It uses the meter-based regeneration process to measure water for regeneration. You can easily monitor all activities.

Besides, its beautiful mesh resin is designed to last for longer, even in the presence of iron. It can minimize hardness up to 50gpg, manganese up to 6ppm, and iron up to 2-4ppm range. By doing all these, it enhances the lifetime of your appliances and fixtures.

Above all, don't worry about installation as it includes DIY instruction video. You can rely on this filter system as most user highly appreciate it. It is one of our favorite iron treatments for ease of use and installation. Try this NOW!


1. Fully programmable head,

2. Meter-based generation,

3. Suitable for homes of 2 to 6+ people,

4. Removes most hardness,

5. Ease of use,

6. Easy installation.


1. It doesn't come with additional parts,

2. Not durable compared to others.

8. Aquasana Whole House Well Water Filter System

In case you are looking for an overall solid filtration, Aquasana filter system can be the best option for you. Although it's an expensive option. Still, it is better to invest in a complete filtration, instead of buying parts individually. You'll get UV, slat, and contaminants-free water along with large grain capacity. Isn't it great?

Furthermore, this premium filtration system can remove 97% of chlorine in the regular tap. Unlike others, it includes UV-purifier, which kills 99.99% of bacteria and virus generation.

Its SimplySoft slat-free water descaler ensures effective scale prevention for the entire house. This descaler is designed to hook up seamlessly with your whole house water filter system.

Unlike others, Aquasana uses innovative Scale Control Media technology to condition water. It reforms the structure of the hard mineral, which will not demineralize your water. That means the water is safe for you and the environment as well.

Overall, it includes all other professional-grade installation kits, which makes installation much more accessible. It is one of the most reviewed products. So, you can confidently go for it!


1. Complete filtration system,

2. Reduce salt scale,

3. Powerful UV filtration,

4. Most extended grain capacity,

5. Last for years.


1. Installation seems a bit tricky, due to the intricate design,

2. It may slow down the flow; need a water pressurizer.

9. Air Injection Platinum 15 with Fleck 2510SXT

The next one is another efficient iron filter that uses air injection system. AFWFilters 2510SXT uses a patented oxidizing system to remove the highest levels of iron and sulfur. The best part is it doesn't use any chemical to do so. Let's know more.

Important Features

Its unique air injection system forces contaminate into contact with oxygen. Unlike older sir injection system, it can put the whole oxidation process inside one tank by utilizing a patented piston.

However, this process keeps maintenance cost and servicing time to a minimum. It also provides a high flow, which is good enough for 4 or more people. Without compromising durability, the filter can easily remove most iron, sulfur, and manganese.

Moreover, you can easily install the whole unite following a DIY instruction. Using a stainless-steel bypass, you can bypass or disconnect the system for servicing. Last but not least, most users reported it as a reliable option.


1. The highly-efficient air injection system,

2. Automatic backlashing system,

3. Requires minimum space,

4. Low maintenance,

5. Easy installation,

6. Reliable and durable.


1. A bit pricey compared to others.

10. iSpring WGB21B 2-Stage Whole House Water, Big Blue

Our final recommendation is the most affordable iron filter with a professional water solution. iSpring brings a 2-stage whole house filter to make drinking water accessible for all households. In spite of the low price, it is as efficient as others.

Through one-inch input and output port, it can filter up to 15GPM of water. Its multi-layer filtration ensures fewer clogs and pressure loss. Also, it uses high-quality coconut shell carbon filter for efficient filtration.

Besides, this thick coconut shell activated carbon filter can clean up to 50,000 gallons. It is sufficient for a family of four. Additionally, its pressure release valve allows for the release of built-up pressure.

Overall, it can remove up to 95% of contaminants that cause foul tastes and odors. The best part is that it will lower the TDS level. Since the price is affordable, you can give it a try!


1. Removes up to 95% of impurities,

2. Excellent capacity,

3. Better water pressure,

4. Easy to install,

5. Affordable price.


1. The filter housing is not clear,

2. May not be durable but worth it for the price.

Best Iron Filter Buying Guide for Well Water

So far, we have gone through some of the best iron filter available in the market. Have you decided which one to buy? If so, we would like to discuss a few things you need to consider before buying one. Let's know about them.

Inspect the water

Before you buy an iron filter, the first thing you need to do is to inspect the water. Examine the nature of iron present in your well water. It will help you to determine the quality of metal. Only then you can decide whether you need a single or triple-stage system iron filter. It will help you to make the right decision.

Filter Size

One of the crucial considerations is to decide the right size or capacity of your filter. Your investment will go in vain if you choose the wrong size. Most of the screen has a filtration system for a family of four members. However, if you have a family of more than four, you should consider a higher capacity filter.

Easy Installation

In the case of filtration system installation, most people prefer to do it by themselves. Hence, make sure it has easy and clear instructions for installation. If you take professional help, then check the availability of experts around.

Water Flow

An iron filter usually filtered the water before entering your home. You'll get the same amount of water in each appliance, like showers, faucets, toilets, and so on. Make sure your selected water filter can produce enough water per minute. So that it can provide better water flow.

Water Softener

Check whether your selected iron filter includes a water softening system. If so, then nothing could be better than that. Otherwise, you may need to buy a softener separately.

Ease of Replacements

Although most iron filter lasts for up to five or ten years, while others last about a year.  These filters require frequent replacements. Hence, be ready for changing the parts or whole filter more often. Make sure the parts of your selected filters are readily available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How to examine the iron in well water?

A: Well, you can do it by using iron water test kits, which you can find nearby stores. It is an affordable way to test, but the result may not be precise. For more accuracy, you can send the sample of water to a nearby independent lab.

Q: When to install the iron filter, before or after placing water softener? 

A: Expert suggests to install the filter before placing water softener. It will extend the lifespan of water softener and enhance filter's efficiency as well.

Q: How to prevent mold in iron filters?

A: Mold build-up is common in the iron filter as filtration system stay exposed to sunlight. You can minimize mold build-up by taking care of the filtration system. It's the best practice to replace the filter and clean the filtration system carefully.

Q: What harmful effects does iron have in well water?

A: Iron presence in well water may affect your household appliances, laundry, food, and many more. It causes stains and slimes in all household things. Also, iron fragments result in clogged pipes. Iron in water can also ruin your favorite dishes and drinks with the annoying smell and foul black color.

You can check the health effect of Iron by viewing this article.

Q: Are Iron filers must-have for any household?

A: Indeed, especially when your drinking water comes from the ground. It is better to filter the water before it comes to you. You may have children or older people in your family. Hence, it is your responsibility to provide them safe water and install an iron filter. Some may not need filtration due to their quality of water.


Think of a situation; you are about to take a happening hot shower after a busy day. After starting water faucet, all you get is stinky red water. Frustrating, isn't it?  So, it's time to break-up with iron and install an iron filter from our recommended list.

Here, we tried to include an iron filter with different capacity and water flow. These are easy to install. That's why anyone can do it. Hope, our review of the best iron filter has helped you to make the right purchase.

Have you tried any of iron filter from our list? Share your experience with us in the comment box below. Stay with us until we get back to you with another exciting topic.

Stay Safe and Drink Safe Water!