The 10 Best Bacon Cooker of 2023


Looking for assistance on choosing the best bacon cooker? Well, in this article I have share my experience on different bacon cookers and recommend the top bacon cookers with its pros and cons.   

Bacon enthusiasts are fascinated by its versatility whether as breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as a snack. It goes well with any meat or as a side dish. You may add bacon to your main meal to enhance the taste. 

Most people agree that cast iron, stainless steel, and carbon steel pans produce the finest bacon. However, I have found that the Bacon flavor is best with cast iron and carbon steel.

Here is my assessment of the best bacon cooker for the money. While the objective is to constantly bring them to your attention so you may choose the best.

Our Top Picks


Product Name

Editors Rating


BNB 1BM Nation Bacon Master

Hamilton Beach Griddles & Bacon Cooker

Lekue Microwave Bacon Maker

Nordic Ware Microwave Bacon Tray & Food Defroster

USA Pan Quarter Sheet Baking Pan and Bakeable Nonstick Cooling Rack

Home Craft FBG2 Nonstick Electric Bacon Press & Griddle

Bonanza XL Healthier Perfectly Crispy Oven-Bacon Drip Rack Tray with Pan with Nonstick  Surface

OXO Cooker Good Grips Microwave Bacon Crisper

Joie Piggy Microwave Bacon Tray with Splatter Lid

Nordic Ware Microwave 2-Sided Round Bacon and Meat Grill

Top 10 Best Bacon Cooker Reviews (2021)

And this is the most robust review of ten greatest bacon cookers, with their pros and cons. Besides, we also also compares the features so that you it can let you pick your own. 

Any expert cook will agree with this that slow cooking is the best to get the ultimate flavor and test. Bacon master can be the best choice for low and slow cook the bacon. It will leave all the fat from it without losing the flavor.

Most of the users find it better for its vertical and non-sticky cooking service. Cooking bacon is very easy with this stainless steel made bacon cooker. All you need to do is to preheat the unit and then over the center, lay on your bacon evenly.

You will get a covering kit to cover bacon, and you are done. Bacon master needs appx. Eight minutes to cook your bacon, though sometimes the time may differ based on your choice.

Bacon master is the perfect match for those who do not want to seal the bacon flavor in splatter lid sealer. It structured in a way that makes it choosable for everyone. It works smoothly to eliminate all the dangerous and messy grease splatter.


  • It has built-in heat control timer for crispy bacon
  • No need to turning the bacon while cooking
  • The vertical cooking system helps draining fat without spreading
  • Nonstick cooking surface
  • Easy 'wipe-down' cleanup process
  • Bottom tray to keep all the fat for easy disposal


  • Sometimes it does not cook whole bacon.
  • It does not heat-up evenly.
  • It takes more time to be crispy.

2. Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 MultiGrill Indoor Grill

Hamilton Beach is a famous kitchenware manufacturing company in the united states. People already familiar with the quality of their products. However, people are always comfortable to purchase from a brand they trust, and they have earned it on 3 in 1 multi grill indoor bacon cooker.

It has multi-functionality enabled within one cooking device that helps the user to save their cooking time. The temperature controller will let you decide how you want your bacon to be. If you're going to get crispy and crunchy bacon, then you can cook it without any hassle. Otherwise, there are options for you if you want to make your bacon to make a bit chewy.

The curved bacon cooking plate lets all the juices from the bacon to make it more crispy inside and outside without making messy everything. You can set the temperature high and low. You also can preheat the cooker. The cooker can handle up to 400 degrees of temperature while cooking on it.

Cleaning the cooker is much easier than others, as you can split it into parts. Just make sure that you cooled down all the pieces correctly after cooking. Let's have a look into the pros and cons of this particular bacon cooker.


  • It leaves no mess while cooking, and it is easy to use
  • You can control the temperature to cook bacon as you like.
  • Removable cooking plates are straightforward to clean.
  • Multi-functions save your cooking time.
  • The Hamilton bacon cooker is dishwasher safe.


  • There is no manual on/off button, unplug to shut it down.

3. Lekue Microwave Bacon Maker/Cooker with Lid

The Lekue microwave bacon cooker is mostly widespread as an easy and quick bacon cooker. It can cook any bacon within as less than three (03) minutes, and it comes with a built-in clear lid. You do not have to concern about the splattering that makes the cooker user-friendly. If you use this cooker, then there will be no mess of fat or oil, and it is super easy to clean.

We are keeping this best bacon cooker for Microwave on our list because it is easy to use, and you can carry it wherever you want. Besides that, for a bacon lover, having a bacon cooker for their home that everybody can use without any risk is an essential thing.

The most attractive feature added on the Lekue Microwave bacon maker is that it will drain all the fat and oil from the bacon. There are pockets beneath the cooker so that you all the grease and oil can stay separately and let the bacon be crispier according to your taste. The product is made from BPA free materials that are safe for your health.


  • It takes only three minutes to cook six (06) slices of bacon.
  • The clear lid lets users see the bacon while cooking.
  • It has an integrated drain spout that allows users to remove the grease easily.
  • Easy and quick cleaning process without any hassle


  • Sometimes heat may not be spread evenly through the bacon.
  • It may not fit for a large family of bacon lovers.

4. Nordic Ware Microwave Bacon Tray & Food Defroster

Here is another bacon cooker from Nordic Ware, also known as the Nordic Ware Microwave Bacon Tray & Food Defroster. It is a combo product; meaning is that you use it for cooking bacon as well as to defrost your food. It has an attractive solved design that drains away all the oils and fats, including other moisture, and gives the crispness to your bacon.

Notably, it can cook more bacon than usual cookers. The rectangular shape gives an out of the box look to the bacon cooker, which allows accommodating more slices of bacon. It has up ridges that let the fats to drain away and let the bacon cook perfectly. For a cooker, removing the fat and the oil is the primary concern if you like to make crispy bacon, and it will give you that experience with comparatively less time.

It also has another feature you can use it to defrost your food. It can resist high heat that can microwave the bacon tray to be ready to serve. It is safer for any damages from the dishwasher. However, it will give you a comfortable experience of bacon cooking with its easy maintenance process.


  • Durable and robust with BPA free materials
  • Easy to Clean
  • Drains fat and oil perfectly
  • It Takes five (05) minutes to cook six (06) bacon slices.


  • You may find the tray too big to rotate while cooking.
  • It might be heated up a bit in the oven

5. USA Pan Quarter Sheet Baking Pan 

USA Pan Quarter Sheet cooker is also widespread for its multifunctional features. The size of this cooker is big, so that you can cook much bacon at a time with no hassle. You can also use it for baking or cooking anything you want till it fits with the size of what you are cooking.

It made of aluminized steel and coated with nonstick Americoat, which is silicone patented, allows smooth release after cooking or baking any food. As it is nonstick, so the cleaning process is so easy and comfortable, it needs almost no effort to clean. Just wash it with hot or warm water with a sponge, and you are done.

Cooking bacon with this cooking pan will give your experience a smoky flavor as well as perfectly cooked bacon both sides evenly. Whether it is a thin or thick slice of bacon with the right temperature, you can cook any types of bacon on this USA Pan Quarter Sheet Baking Pan and Bakeable Nonstick Cooling Rack.


  • Easy to cook and clean the cooker.
  • Multifunctional usability enabled.
  • Oven-safe and dishwasher-safe.
  • Sturdy and handy as the cooking rack is made of aluminized steel.
  • Materials are BPA free and safe for health.
  • It has a useful air circulation feature that makes the cook even for each bacon slices.


  • It is recommended to Handwash for cleaning after cooking.

6. Home Craft FBG2 - Best Nonstick Electric Bacon Press & Griddle

If you are searching for a multipurpose bacon cooker, then Home Craft Nonstick Electric Bacon Pres can be your thing. It is one of the most useful cookers we are reviewing here. It will not only give you fat and oil drained crispy bacon but also a complete meal you can cook with it.

It has a dual-sided cooking space where you can cook different foods every time. Whether you are at home, or dorm, or on a camping setup, it will fit and give you extraordinary cooking experience. Think about a whole breakfast is cooking at a time with less hassle. If you can preheat it properly, then it will take less effort during cooking.

If you want to gift it to anyone you love, then they will love it. Unique design and a variety of usability grab the attention of the customers. With the price, what is offer is incredible. It allows you to enjoy cooking while you are gossiping with your family members, and your breakfast will be cooked before you complete your talking.


  • Slim folding body structure will give you clean cooking experience.
  • It has a removable drip tray to catch all drained fat and oil.
  • Nonstick materials make the cleaning easy and comfortable.
  • Cool Touch Handle keeps your hand safe while cooking.
  • Built-in indicator light to preheat or temperature control.


  • You may need to close the unit and let it heated up before cooking bacon on the middle slot.

7. Gotham Steel 1937 Bonanza XL – As Seen on TV

If you are trying to get a bacon cooker that can cook many bacon slices at a time, then it is your thing. Gotham Steel 1937 Bacon Bonanza has the capacity of cooking eighteen (18) slices of regular size bacon at once very quickly. It has a customized design for cooking bacon only and let you experience a better cooking experience.

Bacon Bonanza is handy for cooking bacon separately, and you do not need to worry about sticking up bacon together. All you need to do before using it is to place the bacon carefully before putting it in the oven. It has the built-in bacon holder will hold the bacon and keep them split.

Custom made rack helps to drain all the fats and oils from the bacon, which makes it healthy for eating. If you want to get a crispy, crunchy, and healthy bacon to enjoy with your meal, then Bacon bonanza may get your attention. Go through below the pros and cons to understand the benefits and difficulties of using the Bacon Bonanza.


  • Sturdy and comparatively useful design.
  • It has a lower rack that stores all the fat and other moisture content.
  • It drains all the moistures, including fat and oil, from the bacon and delivers the crispness to it.
  • It has eighteen (18) regular size bacon cooking facility at once.
  • Bacon Bonanza cooker is perfect for medium and large families.


  • Cleaning may be difficult due to its body structure.

8. OXO Cooker Good Grips Microwave

Unlike other products of OXO, the Bacon Crisper is also getting excellent reviews from users. It has premium quality materials to give a healthy cooking experience. Silicone made surface for cooking crispy bacon that lets all the fat and oil drain to the chamber under it.

It has a built-in adjustable kickstand that allows you to drain all grease, and you can get crispy bacon you love. Crispy bacon is everyone's favorite, and OXO's good grip microwave bacon crisper adds to their collection to give that crispy taste with better user-friendly cooking experience.

After cooking, you need to fold the flat silicon surface to unload all the fat and oil drained from the bacon to that chamber. The process of removing moisture from the bacon is unique and useful as it transfers all of it but leave the bacon as tasty as it should be. Before you decide to have it, read all the benefits and cons below. We have analyzed all the pros and cons and shared them with you here.


  • Attractive design and easy to use
  • During cleaning with dishwasher, no stitches or dent will not happen.
  • The built-in grease trap holds all the fat and oil drained through the removable lid.
  • Removable silicone made cooking surface and cleaning is comparatively more straightforward.
  • It is built of BPA free materials that give healthy cooking.


  • It needs time to be used to with it.
  • You may end up greasy bacon if not learn to use it.
  • Store another place all the greases after every use.

9. Joie Piggy Microwave Bacon Tray with Splatter Lid

Joie's Piggy Microwave bacon tray may exceed all your expectations and give an extraordinary experience of cooking bacon to its ultimate taste. It has built-in slots that will enable all the grease, including fat and oil, to drip toward the edges of the cooking surface. The process lets the bacon leave the oil and fat to be crispier and crunchier, and it will not sopping with oil ever.

You can clean the microwave bacon tray quickly, and it is recommended to try the warm water immediately after completing the cooking process. Otherwise, the oil and fat will start getting harder to clean it because if you do not get quick, then the grease will begin being solid.

Try not to cool down after cooking too early. Let the cooker naturally cool down after using it. Otherwise, it may crack in the side. Once it takes cracks, it will inevitably lose its quality of cooking bacon. Let's know the goodies and negatives of this beautiful bacon tray cooker.


  • It made with BPA-free plastic to give healthy cooking experience.
  • It has raised ridges that elevates bacon to distribute heat evenly.
  • The simple design lets easy to use and clean, and it is dishwasher safe.
  • The built-in lid prevents messy spatter and keeps the microwave clean.


  • It not for heavy use as it can cook only 5/6 bacon slices at a time.

10. Nordic Ware Microwave 2-Sided Round Bacon

This set includes two useful items that are microwave safe. Nordic Ware has it's reputation as one of the most popular kitchenware makers. After they are bringing this Microwave 2-sided round Microwave bacon cooker and meat grill in the market, it got people's attention.

That 2-sided round cooker for bacon has a ribbed surface that keeps the bacon at the top. It holds all the greases on the flat portion of the surface. It makes the bacon crispy from outside and flavorful inside that will bring a smile of happiness to your mouth.

Both sides of the cooker are useful as to heat or serve anything you can use the flat side of it. It has a deluxe plate cover with 10-inch in size that can prevent spatters in the microwave so that you can keep the food warm and ready to serve. The cover is semi-transparent so that you can see your food while it is cooking.

People who reviewed it finds useful let's go through some pros and cons of the particular bacon cooker. It will help you to decide to find the best microwave bacon cooker for you at the right price.


  • It made from BPA-free and melamine-free plastics.
  • The genuine USA made product.
  • It has two convenient pieces for microwave cooking.
  • Nordic Ware provides five (05) years of warranty.
  • Easy cook and clean feature with dishwasher-safe top rack.


  • It holds the moisture content, and after every cook, you must clean for the next cook.
  • Use hand gloves because the top part may get more hot while cooking.

Buying Guide to Choose the Best Bacon Cooker

We have already explained our top picks on the bacon cooker for you. Now you can choose one of them according to your preferences. Remember that we have shared reviewed information based on hundreds of real-life users, including our inhouse demo use sessions.

Before you spend money on any bacon cooker, you need to understand a few things. If you can find the most user-friendly bacon cooker, then your cooking will be comfortable in every way. However, choosing the best microwave bacon cooker is not very tricky, but a bit sensible look will do the rest. Let's find out the most useful things you need to look while you are going to purchase your bacon cooker.

At first, you need to know, do you even need a bacon cooker. If yes, then why you need it or how a bacon cooker can make life a lot easier.

Do you need a Bacon Cooker?

The traditional way of cooking bacon slices is pan-frying, but is this the best you can do with your favorite food, or would you like to give it a little extra to make it better. Bacon cooker is the real way to treat your bacon like it should be.

If you use a bacon cooker, then you will get everything easier, cooking to cleaning it will give you an experience that any traditional method will not. That is why a bacon cooker is the best choice to prepare the bacon most comfortably.

Why you need a Bacon Cooker?

To be frank with you, let's make it straight to the point, there are three significant reasons why you should use a bacon cooker. Here they are,

  • First of all, the traditional method of cooking bacon cannot cut all the fat; it makes the bacon absorb all the grease inside the meat.
  • The second reason is to pan-frying bacon; people use oil, which is not very good for health. You know that most of the illnesses or fatalities are initiated by using the oil, and it is not just a say; it is a fact that scientists have proved.
  • The simplicity of use: Bacon cooker is straightforward to use, and it does not require any problematic mechanism. Some simple steps will give you the best bacon flavor, which will let you experience another level of eating bacon.

However, it is not to scare you or anything like that, and it is to make sure that you are aware of the risk. We can only ensure that using a bacon cooker is a more safe way than the traditional method. Now, let's talk about some key things to remember when you are buying a bacon cooker for your home cook or any other purpose.

The Size

Whether you are buying a bacon cooker for your home cook or others, you need to keep the size in mind. It must fit in your oven as you will put it into the oven for cooking. If you take a random one without matching the size with your oven, then it may end up as a waste of money.

The Grill or Cooking Racks

Removing the oil to make the bacon crispier increases the use of bacon grill or cooking racks; otherwise, you would use any simple tool for cooking your bacon. However, let's understand how both of these items work.

Cooking racks is a traditional tool used for keeping the bacon separate while cooking. There are several slots in the racks for bacon, and it is handy for its unique design. You can put your bacon on those slots and put it on the microwave or oven to cook.

So, How Bacon Grill Works? It runs on electricity, that's why it does not require to put in any oven. Bacon grill is handy for draining fat and oil from the bacon and make it more tasteful and healthy.

The Construction

The design of a bacon cooker is a key factor to consider. Make sure your cooker can take the heat from the oven. Bacon frying tray usually includes numerous bacon slices, use a strong tray that won't shatter, bend, or dent. You don't want to mess up the bacon frying process.

Make sure the bacon cooker's material is safe for health. Choose a bacon cooker devoid of hazardous chemicals and BPAs. Verify the quality parameters and health safety criteria.

The capacity

If you have a big family, you will need a large one to cook bacon for everyone.

The small bacon cookers can cook 8-12 pieces of bacon at a time, but larger one can cook 30/35 slices of bacon in layers. Consider how many people you want to serve; the answer will assist you pick which cooker to buy.


People who love bacon a lot are leaving several queries about bacon on different forums and social platforms. However, not every time they are getting answers to their queries.

Here are some most frequently asked questions with answers to them.

1. How do you use a bacon cooker?

Every bacon cooker has its user manual, and if you use the manual, then you will be able to cook your bacon as crispier or however you want. Let all the fat drained from the bacon and enjoy it with anything you love to.

2. How do you use a bacon crisper in the microwave?

If you want to make bacon crispier in the microwave, there is a particular way of placing the bacon on the bacon holder. Lay on the bacon flat and side by side, do not overlap each other. It will let all the fat drained from the bacon and make it crisper.

3. How do you use a pottery bacon cooker?

The pottery bacon cooker is straightforward for cooking bacon. Place bacon slices around the top corner and then cover it with a paper towel. Then place it in the microwave. Cook it until you get the satisfied result.

4. Does microwave bacon cooker work?

Yes, microwave bacon cooker works better if you do not want to keep any fat on your bacon. The microwave bacon cooker drains all the fat and makes the bacon crispier that is why people love microwave cookers for cooking their crispy bacon.

5. How long do you cook bacon on a microwave tray?

In the microwave, there certain things you need to keep in mind while you are cooking bacon. Make sure you are placing your bacon evenly on a plate covered by a couple of layers of paper towel. Place another 2/3 layers of paper towel on the top of the bacon. Cook the bacon on high for 4-6 minutes to get the ultimate crispy bacon.

6. What is a bacon express?

Bacon Express is a type of bacon cooker where you can quickly cook thin or thick bacon in minutes. Most of the time, cleaning a bacon cooker brings a horrible experience to people, but with bacon, express cleaning is simple.

Finishing Words

We are at the end of our review on bacon cookers. We have picked the best-performing bacon cookers you may find before you choose to buy one. Our buying guide will let you understand how to pick the right one for your convenience.

Traditionally, there are few things you will need while cooking bacon on a bacon cooker, such as cooking time, capacity, cleaning process, usability, cooker size, taste, cooking quality, crispiness, price, etc.

However, while you are buying a bacon cooker, there are few more things you need to keep in mind, such as functionality, user-friendliness, warranty, brand reputation, real user reviews, etc.

We have put together everything you need to know in our best bacon cooker review article. We have included an in-depth buying guide, information related to different types of bacon cooker.

Frequently asked questions to let you know what other interested people are asking before purchasing a bacon cooker so that you also know them before you buy one.