How to Use Cast Iron on Glass Top Stove?

How to Use Cast Iron on Glass Top Stove

People find many pros and cons while using both gas and electric stove-tops. But cooking with cast iron with glass tops is trendy, trusty, which can count regular and enameled. We will discuss in this article How to Use Cast Iron on Glass Top Stove.

Users have spent a huge amount on the shiny glass-top stove. That’s why they usually don’t want to use cast iron. They think that there might be scratching, cracking or staining while using cast iron on the glass-top stove. That’s why users need to be alert while using cast iron on the glass-top stove.

How to use Cast Iron on Glass Top Stove?

Wash Cast Iron before using it!

After getting the heated cast iron cookware can carbonize, and there will be a black mark on the glass-top stove. So, users need to be careful and remove the cookware immediately after using it so that there can not be any marks or stains.

They also need to wash the inside and outside of the cast iron in every use.

The weight of Cast Iron Pans!

As there is a high chance that cast iron can easily scratch and damage the surface of the glass-top stove because of its heaviness. So, users need to more careful while using these pans by keeping this issue in mind.

Glass cook-tops are designed to handle a lot of weight, but it should be kept in mind a slight imbalance of cast iron will be left scratching on the surface of the stove.

Uneven Underneath of Cast Iron Cookware!

Flat bottom cookware will be the best option for a glass-top stove, and this will absorb the heat easily. But Cast-iron pans don’t have perfect flat bottom. So, in that case, pans should be used safely so that there are no scratches left on the stove.

The Finishing Side of Cast Iron!

The surface of the cast iron pans is harsh enough to have scratches on the glass-top stove. So, users need to purchase cast iron, which is covered with a porcelain enamel and pans will have aneffortlessly finish with this.

How to Protect Glass Top Stove from Cast Iron?

There are some ways users can protect their glass-top stove from Cast Iron pans. Here are some tips-

Only Lift…. Don’t Slide!

Don’t just move the pan from the stove, and then there would be a scratch on the stove. Users need to lift the pan instead of sliding, and users need to get this as their habit of lifting rather than sliding it.

One more thing, don’t slip the pan while lifting it on the stove!

Wash Up Cast Iron, Before Heating Up!

Cast Iron tends to collect more oil, and sometimes small deposits of cooked food might be attached underneath the pans. When users heat the pan, the oil and the deposits of food will be carbonized and burned and there will be stains on the glass top surface.

So, it is mandatory to wash the pans before using it, and after using the cast iron pans on glass top stove, so no stains are left on the stove. These stains will be difficult to remove, so users need to avoid damaging the stovetop.

Using a Heat Diffuser!

What is a heat diffuser?It is designed to diffuse the heat and circulate it all over the bottom surface of a pan. It is made out of durable metal, which will protect the glass stove from the heaviness. But users need to be more careful and keep an eye on the temperature. High temperate will damage the surface of the stove.

After using this diffuser, users can usually cook without any risk of scratching the top of the stove from the cast iron pan.

How to Prevent Scratching on the Glass Stove Top?

Here are some suggestions for avoiding scratches on the glass top from the stove:

Use caution

Users need to be more cautious when cooking with Cast Iron Cookware. These pans may cause scratches and damage the glass top.

Moving the pan

While moving the pans from the stove, users need to get into the habit of carefully lifting and placing any pans on the stove.


Cookware need to be cleaned more often. The heat from the cookware may have marks on the stove or discoloration on the glass surface.


When users move the pans from the oven, it needs to be cooling down before putting back onto the stovetop. Otherwise, heat from the pans may leave marks on the stoves.

Surface Top

Users should not put any unnecessary utensils on the stove. There might have marks onto the surface of the glass top stove.


With the given information, now the users are ready to cook with the Cast Iron Pans on the Glass-top Stove. They need to follow the instructions carefully thoroughly so that there are no marks left on your favorite glass-top stove.