How to Use a Weber Grill Cleaner?

How to Use a Weber Grill Cleaner

Who doesn’t love to eat grilled, spicy, and smoky flavored chicken, meat, beef or pork? Having barb q or grill toast is a traditional practice in many countries around the world and also have been maintaining nowadays. There are so many tools that are used to make toast. But after grilling, the job becomes harder if you are not following proper steps.

Weber Grill

This kind of grill is specially made for grilling purposes. It is designed to control the heat fully from the inside. It tends to be a consistent, reliable, and sufficient venting source.

For this, you can easily control the temperature level effectively. Through dampers from both sides, top and bottom, the airflow can be controlled.

Weber Grill Cleaner

The cleaner is used to remove the caramelized layer on steel grates, which is created by oil, spices and other grilling ingredients. The recommended wet paper might not work all the time so that you may require more abrasive tools.

The manufacturers run multiple tests to see the productivity of the cleaning of this kind of grill cleaner. They apply this cleaner on mess caramelized steel to see the capacity. From the outcome, they produce the instructions of applications, MSDS, and other statements regarding cautions.

Some facts regarding Weber Grill Cleaner

Weber grill cleaner is a widely used product. It has maintained some global trading and manufacturing facts that increase its popularity.

  • Produced in a safe way for cooking grate surfaces
  • Follows the international standards regarding biodegradability
  • Non-toxic and no irritation on the skin
  • USDA approved
  • Applicable for charcoal grills
  • Available in multiple quantities such as 80 oz, 160 oz or 24 oz

Some Pros and Cons of Using Weber Grill Cleaner

Some benefits encourage people to use the weber grill cleaner rather than ordinary soap water. Such as:

  • Cleaning performance is much more satisfying than other cleaning tools
  • Needs a short time to clean the grill
  • Smells like citrus
  • No irritation on the skin
  • Universal standard approved

Sometimes while the cleaner and grease get mixed, unpleasant fumes might come out, which annoys everyone.

How to apply

Before applying this cleaner, you must assure about the temperature of the grates. Apply the cleaner on cool grates and other greased areas. Wait for some moments like one minute. Remove the grates by using scrubber or brush on it.

Wipe the surface with wet paper. You can re-apply the cleaner if necessary. Be careful when you are about to store it. For instance, you should turn off the nozzle.

Everyday cleaning: Whenever you use the grilling machine, you should clean it through scrubber or brush after it gets cold. If you continue this process, there will be no chance of producing strong grease on the grilling surface.

Interior Cleaning Process:

  • The gas supply should be turned off to avoid serious gas leak while cleaning
  • Remove the scattered grates with hands
  • Apply weber grill cleaner on grates and wait for a moment
  • Take a brush and scrub the area to loosen the greases
  • Untie the metal plates on burners (protectors of burners) and clean the plates
  • Check the burners’ holes through toothpick to avoid the blocking of gas flow
  • Clean the bottom part of the grilling machine through soapy sponge (for light grease) or the cleaner (for deep grease)
  • Clean both sides of the grilling machine with a soapy sponge and wipe out with a dry towel
  • To dry out the entire grilling machine, you should turn on the gas fire for burn off the remaining wet cleaners on the grilling machine

Exterior Cleaning Process:

  • Likely the interior cleaning process, you should turn off the gas supply first
  • Drip pan should be checked to identify the need for replacement
  • Clean the drip pan’s surface through a paper towel and change the liner with new aluminum plate/ tin can
  • Remove the greases through applying weber grill cleaner on it
  • Spray on the exterior surface of grilling machine or put some liquid cleaner on a bowl by which you can apply it through sponge scrubber
  • Wipe the wet surface with a paper towel
  • Clean the side panels with spray cleaner or liquid cleaner
  • Use a stainless cleaner to give the surface a shiny look


  • Apply oil before every use this cleaner on the surface
  • Clean grates with a brush (wire)
  • Check gas line regularly to avoid leakage
  • After cleaning, burn of the drippings to reduce the griminess
  • Cover the grills when you need to protect the elements that might be unused
  • Keep the grill away from the rain to avoid rusting
  • Check the protectors of a burner and replace them when necessary

Things that are required to clean your grill

At the time of washing grilling machine, you need some other tools to make the process easier, such as:

  • Weber Grill Cleaner
  • Sponge and scrubber
  • Soapy water (if necessary)
  • Dry paper towel
  • Glass cleaner (if necessary)
  • Brush/ wire grill
  • Toothpick
  • Foil plate


  • Your gas line should be checked before each use
  • Be careful about using wire bristles, because they are sharp and they might harm your fingers. You may use rubber gloves and run the brush carefully
  • The gas supply should be shut down before cleaning or after every use


A grilling machine is a ubiquitous tool in western countries. Foods that are made on grilling machines are so delicious but after the cooking, you have to face a quite harder process to clean your grill.

Weber grill cleaner is a widely known tool that has been used in many places because of its good performance. When you buy the cleaner, there are concise information (manual) about ‘how to apply.’ This can help you to use it properly. Another thing that the description of chemical that the cleaner is made of is also written.