How to Make Celery Juice without a Juicer?

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Living a healthy life has become a new trend in our life. For this, we do many things like exercise, a healthy diet, etc. For exercise, we go to the gym or have any home exercise. Exercise can be done through swimming, walking, jogging, or even dancing.

In a healthy diet, we follow multiple food chart, which is full of nutrients and helpful for a human being. Based on our physical demand, sometimes we design our diet routine and sometimes we just take the help of any dietician.

Celery juice is known as potential health trends for not only a healthy diet but also healing. In many medical journals, it is noticed as a healthy drink for any patients and even for maintaining good health.

There is a book naming Thyroid Healing where scientific research has mentioned about celery juice that how effective it is for thyroid disease.

Celery Juice

Celery juice consists of vitamins (A, K, etc.), minerals (potassium, sodium, folate, and antioxidants). It is made of the blend and strained celery. People sometimes mention it as flavored water for drinking in the day time.


As celery is full of antioxidants as well as sodium, it is beneficial to recover from a different level of disease. In the Chinese medicine world, it is familiar as Apium Graveolens and used for centuries. According to some studies, celery helps to maintain high cholesterol, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and even solve the infertility problems.

Many people claim that drinking this juice will help in digestion, though the capacity of an individual varies. Drinking celery juices every day will help you to be energetic and give you refreshments. You look younger as your skin condition tends to be good if you take it regularly.

Why do you need to drink Celery Juice?

Drinking celery juice is an ancient idea started through the Medical Medium (Anthony Williams). Recently the practice is increasing more than other days because of some celebrities who are taking this juice as part of their diet and also for a healthy life. Some also claim that the juice tends to be so lucrative that people like to take a photo for their Instagram. So, you can take it for good nutrition, a balanced diet, and also for photography.

The taste of celery juice tends to be mild and sweet, like green tea tastes like. If you put sugar in it, you might get your expected flavor. But health specialists suggest not to add sugar, rather than suggest milk, nut, lemon, cucumber, and some other nutritious ingredients.

How Celery Juice helps in Healing

Drinking this juice (raw) in an empty stomach is mostly prescribed suggestions. Because it contains one kind of cluster salts that is helpful to clean and heal any kind of live anxiety if it is taken in an empty stomach.

Besides, it contributes clear skin, good digestion, control in bloating, an increase in energy, reducing weight, and stabilize the minds. It also heals chronic illness such as eczema, SIBO, constipation problems, blood sugar issues, migraines, addiction, allergies, and even blood pressure.

How to make Celery Juice

Usually, we prepare celery juice through a celery juicer to make it smooth and tasty. Some use milk and nut with the juice to give it a different flavor. Dietician suggests drinking organic celery to have a better outcome, and also they suggest to drink this in the morning before breakfast. Some people add lemon and cucumber for the best tastes. You can make celery juice without blender even as people who are from a past time, they used to follow this trend.


Organic celery 2 bunches should be fresh

Cut the celeries into chunks so that it can blend easily


Choose some fresh celery to make the juice

Wash it thoroughly and separate them based on freshness

Cut them into small pieces

Place the celery into a wooden blending pot or in the electric blender

Thrash the chunked celery with a handler

Mash it and blend it by switching or by pressing until it gets smooth looking

Filter the ingredient and separate the liquid from residues (you can use thin clothes to do this)

Add milk if you want any flavor

Add nut if you want any flavor

You can also apply cucumber or lemon if you don’t add any milk and nut

Mix the celery with milk and nut or other ingredients properly

Pour the mixture into a glass and taste it

Make a routine to drink it regularly and build a good habit. It will help you to get good skin, and get rid of any kind of issues.

Without a juicer, it becomes difficult to have a glass of celery juice. Like, you are traveling somewhere, and you cannot take any juicer with you because of its inconvenience. That time you can use a wooden blending method like mashing the celery and filtering it. Though it is quite time consuming and you need to invest your strength too.

Without juicer, making celery juice takes 5 minutes overall. It will take 2 minutes to prepare everything. You can store the juice into your refrigerator and drink it whenever you want.

Celery juice has become a trend for both a healthy diet and recovering any type of chronic disease. Many people have given good reviews about drinking celery juice. It has a good appearance that can attract anyone to take at least one sip.

End Notes

cholesterol, solving infertility problems, reducing blood pressure, liver problems, etc. Some take celery juice for digestion problems.

Making celery juice is easy, but without a juicer machine, it tends to be a little harder. You might need multiple stages to make this juice like using a blender, filtering it, and mixing other ingredients. Health specialists suggest drinking organic celery for better results.

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