How to Extinguish Charcoal Grill: Step By Step

How to Extinguish Charcoal Grill

It is somewhat easy to light up the charcoal grill's fire, but many do not know how to extinguish charcoal grill. It is not that much hard if you spend a few minutes in our article.

You will need some tools to blow out and cool down the fire. And the most important thing that you will need is the technique. Do not be afraid as you are going to learn about it just now.

Before that, let us introduce this particular cooker to beginners to get a clear idea about it.

What is a charcoal grill?

There are three types of grills. Among them, one is the charcoal grill that runs on charcoal and will serve you grilled food. Therefore, you can use it at any place without any gas and electricity.

In a charcoal grill, you can cook any food without any issue. Moreover, it will give you the real taste of smoky and juicy flavor. It is easy to maintain and does not need to take it to the repair shop.

But it would be best if you are very careful while cooking there as it needs fire and kerosene to start. Also, wear gloves at hand to avoid any burn.        

Benefits of having a charcoal grill

There are a number of benefits of having a charcoal grill at your home, which is very much pleasing. If you are trying to buy one, then motivate yourself by reading the below points:

  • It can be used both at home and in the garden.
  • You will get a smoky and juicy flavor.
  • You can have a perfect BBQ party with your family and friends.
  • You will also be able to enjoy your favorite food anywhere with a portable charcoal grill. 
  • It is very much budget-friendly and easy to use.  
  • Many foods can be cooked on this within a short time.
  • It goes a long way with proper care.

Things you will need to extinguish charcoal grill

After you have finished cooking your food, it is time to extinguish the grill. For that, you will need some equipment. All of them are easy to find and present in the kitchen more often. The essential things are as follow:

  • Metal spatula
  • Heatproof gloves
  • A small bucket of water
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Aluminum foil
  • Baking soda
  • Grill brush
  • Grill tongs
  • How to extinguish charcoal grill?

    As you do not have any other work with the grill after the food is cooked, it is best to totally extinguish the fire to avoid any accident. And you have to it yourself because it is not independent like you.

    If you do not do it on time, it will be threatening for children, pets, old, and property. So you need to finish it as early as possible. The time of extinguishing will depend on the amount of charcoal you have used.

    For your help, we will provide some fastest possible ways to burn out the fire quickly. Read below to know the whole.

    Closing oxygen flow to grill

    Anything like charcoal needs oxygen to burn. So to close the burning of charcoal, first, you need to wear heatproof gloves. Remove the rack and gradually close the lid. Also, shut down the top and bottom vents through which air can come inside. This will help to suffocate the burning coal.

    Charcoal generally takes a long time, like about 48 hours, to extinguish the fire completely.

    Removing ash and briquettes

    After a total rest of 2 days, it is time to remove coal ash and briquettes' burning. Now you will need a large piece of aluminum foil to pour the ashes onto it. Also, you will need grill tongs to pick the leftover briquettes and keep them on the foil.

    Be careful while collecting the briquettes even after 2 days. There is a vast possibility that it is still running hot. As a result, your skin will get burnt if touched without protection. At last, dim them into a small bucket of water.

    Disposing aluminum packet

    Once all the ashes and briquettes are collected onto aluminum foil, wrap it all into a packet. Now it is ready to be thrown into the trash. Avoid plastic trash if your coals are still hot.

    Clean the grill

    The last and final step is to clean the grill properly to avoid stuck food, ashes, and spices. You will only need a few moments to complete this step. Cleaning is the key. If it is done on time, the grill can be used for an extended period.

    Use a grill brush to scrub the grill grates and cooking chamber. You should also ensure the proper closing of the lid. Otherwise, heavy rust will develop, and you cannot use it a second time.

    Why should not you pour direct water into the grill?

    We all know that water is the best extinguisher. If we pour a bucket of water on the grill, it will burn out the fire immediately. But that does not mean you will have to do it.

    If you directly pour water into your grill, its productivity will decrease. Some other disadvantage you using water ae given below:

    • Pouring normal to cold water into a hot grill could crack the cooker.
    • The ashes will get fully stuck into the grill here and there, which will be time-consuming to clean.


    Hopefully, this article was helpful to you to know about how to extinguish charcoal grill. Moreover, you have also got a clear idea of having a charcoal grill with you. From now onwards, cooking will be comfortable with grill anywhere anytime.     

    You can enjoy restaurant-type food by sitting at home and enjoying nature from your balcony, rooftop, or garden. Cooking is an art that everybody cannot. So to enhance your this art, you can simply try it with a grill.