How to Eat Tamales (Detailed Guide)

How to Eat Tamales

Are you in love with a Mexican dish? From my experience, I can say that tamale is super tasty and mouthwatering. It is recognized as a Mesoamerican dish which is processed by masa or dough. The combination is being steamed with banana leaf or corn husk.

Before eating you need to discard the wrapping and then you will have a nice flavour. If you are searching for an ideal evening snack, then it could be your perfect choice.

In this article, we will describe how to eat tamales, their processing techniques, and different types of mouthwatering tamales that you might try. Let’s go for further details.

What are tamales made of?

It is a delicious Mexican dish that is amazingly popular all around the world. We can process tamales by corn, and it should be mixed with a couple of things. It might be meats, beans, or sometimes in the restaurant they use chess.

Chess can make your cooking exclusive, and you will have a different flavour from here. It will create an extra taste in your mouth. Though it is a Mexican recipe, in South Asia or even the United States, it is popular among people of all ages.

For the sake of decoration and cooking tamales are being wrapped with banana leaves, and sometimes they are using corn husks to make it more attractive and perfect.

Now let me tell you the process in details for you.

The dough

We call it as masa. For processing, it is spreading on the corn husks. Now you might get confused about the corn husks. It is not for eating. We use it only for cooking and decoration of the tamales. Generally, the tamale is being cooked inside of the corn husks.

Filling Procedure of tamales

It is exciting the way it is done. Usually, we use meat or chess here. You can use various types of meat here as you wish. Sometimes people use beans here for filling.

If you do like to experiment, then you can go for a different formula. Mixed them all or try an individual item to go for a new flavour.

Let’s talk about a few ingredients.

Masa Harina

You can choose the Maseca brand, and it is very popular. Over the years it is a common brand around the Mexican aisle. You can get it from any Mexican store.


In this regard, beef, chicken, or vegetable will be a smart option. If you have any specific choice, then you can add your meat here. Here we will create a mixture of all those things.

Dried Corn Husks

You can directly buy it from the store. Take the amount as you wish.

Different types of tamales that you can test

  • Quick chicken and cheese tamales
  • Little pork tamales
  • Burnt strawberry tamales
  • Portobello and polenta tamales
  • Crispy baked tamales
  • Chicken tamales with delicious salsa
  • Steamed pork tamales
  • Red chilli sauce with tamales

What to eat with tamales?

Hey, are you a crazy food lover? Then tamales could be a smart option for you to spice up your food life. Salads are recognized as one of the best food to test tamales as it will increase the taste a lot. Infamous restaurant the mandatory Salad for tamales are tomato, avocado, olive oil, lime juice, etc.

You can make your Salad depending on the taste. Some people love to use cucumber and coriander in Salad, and it will create a different taste on your mouth.

In my opinion, I prefer you to use Yogurt here as it is very much tasty definitely will create a new flavour and taste for you. If you do not love Yogurt, then you might use lemon juice here.

How do you eat a tamale?

Tamales can be the smart choice for baby tiffin items. If your child is over 6 years old, then they would certainly love this item of food. You make tamales as your wish. I believe strawberry tamale will be a good item for the babies.

Babies always want variation with his food. That is why it is a good item for the tiffin period or in the evening snacks. Tamales can be a good option for the family party. Chicken tamales with hot and delicious salsa are the best option for outdoor parties.

If you go out for a picnic in a park or anywhere then beside a barbecue party, you can use chicken tamales with delicious salsa.

For spicing up any evening event, I would love to use red chilli sauce with tamales. You should not experience it towards the little children. They will not tolerate the red chilli sauce. If you love hot and spicy food items, then it might be a good choice.

The pregnant mother can also make tamales without any hesitation. In the different pregnant blogs, we have seen that women want to eat tamales during that period, and they are saying that it will increase their test of food.

While eating tamales, you need to look after some important facts like do not eat the corn husks and it can be harmful to your health. It can certainly upset your stomach if swallowed mistakenly.

After completing the dish, you need to remove the corn husks by a knife and a spoon.

Are you worried about calories?

Chicken Tamales are considering only 285 calories, and that is not so high compared to other popular fast food in the market. Sometimes traditional tamale can cause some saturated fat, but the amount is very low.

Are there any bad impacts of eating tamale?

Now you are thinking about what are the cons of eating tamales? The number is few, and you do not have to be worried about it. There are quite a few people who do not like the mold and stinky smell of a tamale. Sometimes it can be not very pleasant.

Moreover, the colour of mold will change, and it might look pinkish. That time you can take your decision that you should not eat that tamale. Somehow if you notice that the colour is changing for a tamale, then you should decide that it is not good for eating.

These are the bad impacts of tamales, but it is not so much serious that you should avoid that. Tamales are a good delicious snacks that can cover up your appetite.

Final few words

I believe we have discussed the topics in detail. To know more about how to eat tamales? Or the merits of eating tamales, please follow our blog. Later on, we will try to add some extra information about eating tamale.

Please share this article with your friends and family members so that they might know about the benefit of eating tamales. Thanks a lot for being with us. Stay positive and try to eat healthy foods. Have a great time!