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Are you facing hassles while cooking or heating something in the microwave? Well, here we come with the best microwave cover for food. We are going to review the different types of microwave covers for you.

Microwave covers are the best way to cover food in the microwave. Otherwise, the smell of that food or leftovers can spread throughout the microwave oven. We have researched for you and based on the most critical testing criteria on the most popular microwave covers.

After that, we picked the best covers for microwave cooking so that you can choose the best of the best. Our reviews will give you an in-depth idea and detailed analysis of the features of different covers for microwaves. It will make your cooking more comfortable than before, and you are going to get the relief from that disgusting hassles experiencing for so long.

We have included a complete buying guide next to the review on ten microwave covers. The guide will help you to understand what to keep in mind while you are buying for your kitchen. Let’s begin by reviewing them to know about different specs of those covers of the microwave.

Our Top Picks


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Nordic Ware Flat Microwave Splatter Cover

The Lid Prevents Splatter Plate Microwave Oven Cover with Magnet

Splatter Guard Lid Plate Microwave Cover for Food

Large Microwave Splatter Guard Lid With Steam Vent Dishwasher Safe Plate

Progressive International Gray Microwave Cover BPA Free for Food

Top Ten Best Microwave Cover Reviews

Picking a useful cover for microwave and make the best list out of them is a very tough job for a reviewer because it needs lots of time and effort. Testing their features and comparing them with each other takes lots of hard work.

Here is the list of the most desired microwave splatter covers for you.

We are furthering our effort and hard work for you so that your cooking experience can be better and effortless. And we think we are going to let you experience the smooth use of the microwave for cooking.

Without further due, let’s have a look at the reviews.

1. Nordic Ware Flat Microwave Splatter Cover

If you are trying to get the best budget microwave cover, then this flat and splatter cover will meet your choice. It is a simply designed cover that will serve your needs successfully.

It will Fit with standard dinner plates. The Nordic ware’s microwave cover allows you to view food because of the transparency without spatters in the microwave. It keeps the clean inside of the microwave that reaches your comfort to the top.

You will have zero issues with splashing though it has a hole of the centre of it. It also has the finger handle to hold it during your cooking. Last but not least, it is going to give you excellent service for longer than you might ask for the money.


  • It is Made of BPA & Melamine Free Plastic
  • 5 Years Conditional Warranty
  • Transparent Top Allows to Monitor Food Without Lifting
  • Top Rack Dishwasher Safe


  • Lifting can be Difficult due to slippery handle

2. The Lid Prevents Splatter Plate Microwave Oven Cover with Magnet

Here comes the Zfitei’s magnetic microwave splatter-free cover that has built-in easy-grip handles to hold it while using without any issues. It allows excess steams to escape through the steam vents. You can see through the transparent cover as well as it keeps the cooking or heating process smoother.

The microwave cover from Zfitei enables to limit of your comforts by installing a magnetic top that will stick with the inside top of your microwave. It will not move and make the inside dirty, but you need to check if the interior of your microwave is flat and magnetic. Otherwise, you must go for other choices.


  • It can handle up to 300 Degrees Temperature
  • Easy & Comfortable Handle Grip
  • FDA certified
  • Dishwasher Safe


  • Built-in Magnets May Fall Out Without Prior Notice
  • It can be Used Only For Nine (09) Minutes at a Time
  • Failed to Follow Instruction May Lead to Serious Injury

3. Splatter Guard Lid Plate Microwave Cover for Food

If you are trying to get high heat resistant microwave cover, then microwave plate over from Lemon Tree is your thing. It will give you heat resistance up to 600-degree, and it comes with FDA authorization. The large diameter will fit with most of the bowls, plates, any other dishes of standard size.

The magnetic top will stick it up with the inside top of the microwave that solves your storage issue. You do not need to concern about those magnets because it is prepared with food protection. It has multiple small holes that allow escaping the extra steams that extends the taste of the food a bit.


  • It has a Comfortable Handle Grip That Allows Easy Lifting
  • Microwave-safe
  • PBA & Melamine free plastic
  • Food Safety Ensured By FDA Certification
  • Heat Resistance up to Temperature of 600 Degrees


  • Do Not Use More Than Ten (10) Minutes at a Time
  • Magnets Can be Harmful if not Followed Accordingly
  • Do not Use in any Conventional Microwave

4. Large Microwave Splatter Guard Lid With Steam Vent Dishwasher Safe Plate

Here is one of the most elegant microwave cover that allows you to cook smartly than others. It will keep your microwave clean as you may experience the splattering of food inside of your microwave. Now, it will help you cooking or heating food properly, without sauce pills or oil. The splatter-free cover will help to escape the excess steam through the built-in steam vent. The size of the cover will fit with most of the standard size bowls, or plates, or dishes.

The height and diameter of the lid ensure that it does not touch the food inside. Another offhand feature is that it has a secure holding grip that allows to hold it correctly with a finger to take off and place it on the dishes. It made of safe material that will enable you to enjoy safe food.


  • Large Hand Grip Enables Easy Lifting
  • BPA & Melamine free
  • Dishwasher Safe Splatter Cover
  • Anti-Scalding Silicone Made
  • FDA Certified Material Made
  • Sturdy Material Made & Lightweight Cover


  • Do not Use It in Grill or Convection mode

5. Progressive International Gray Microwave Cover BPA Free for Food

Now, this particular microwave cover is going to give you the ultimate comfort while you are using it to cooking or heating your food in the microwave. It has featured steam vents that allow excess steam to go out and let the food has its optimum moisture. Built-in finger grip that will give you a comfortable hold on it while you are placing it on your plates or bowls or taking off from it.

It will contain all the splatter that comes from the boiling process and make your microwave dirty. Cleaning makes it more attractive with the non-stick surface that allows you to clean quickly. Another exciting reason to pick it up is that it is made of polypropylene which is known as high heat absorbing material.


  • Steam Vent Enabled and & Comfortable
  • BPA and Melamine Free Plastic
  • FDA Certified
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Cover Surface is Non-Stick That Makes Cleaning Quick & Easy
  • Made From High Heat Resistant Material (Polypropylene)


  • Height and size may not cover large Bowls or plates

6. Elegant Live Heat Resistant Microwave Dish Cover with Silicone Lids

From a coffee mug you use to a big bowl you put your leftovers, it will fit on everything. It has five pieces of them in a buy. Easy cleaning is giving extra comfort if you are a lazy cooker. As the set is coming with multiple covers, you should know which one you should use for cover.

Most of the time, if you are trying to cook or heat one after another, then you need to clean the cover before you use it again. Well, in this case, you do not need to do that, you can easily change the other one to use, and it comes with vibrant colour that will make your cooking elegant and smarter.

It is multi-purpose usable for the quality of the material they used to produce it—such a creative and useful invention. Real users are recommending it to their colleagues, friends, the family that they love using it for their home.


  • Made From 100% Food Grade Platinum Silicone
  • Lids are Useful For Storing Food in the Fridge
  • Food Safety Ensured By FDA Certification
  • Multi-Purpose Serving Microwave Cover
  • Comes with 5 Different Sizes


  • It is not tented so that It may touch food
  • It is not Good For Plates

7. Bezrat Tall Glass Microwave Plate Cover

Heating or cooking foods in the microwave made easy with inverted cover cook by Bezrat microwave cover. It can resist the temperature of up to 450 degrees. If you want to steam or bake your vegetables, or seafood, then it may meet your taste by keeping your microwave clean. Bezrat microwave cover has non-heatable handgrip that will allow you to hold it to put on the dishes or take off from it.

However, it will let you experience splatter-free cook because it made of glass which is very sturdy that increase the longevity of the device. It has small holes that allow the steam out from the dishes and left the food perfectly moisture to taste good. If you are searching for a non-porous safe lid microwave cover, then you can go for it.


  • Firm Grip Handle Makes Easy Lifting
  • Sturdy Enough For Withstands Successive Usage
  • Venting System Contains Two Hole That Allows Steam to Escape
  • Made From Food Safe Glass
  • BPA Free


  • Careful Use Because Glasses is Easily Breakable

8. Bezrat Glass Microwave Cover with Easy Grip Silicone Handle

If you are trying to get a microwave cover that serves the best for cooking food or heating leftovers the next day, then this particular item is for you. It will give you an excellent experience of doing everything in the microwave without spatters all the interior of your microwave.

 Two small holes are letting out the excess steam to control air and heat your food evenly. It helps the microwave to save the food from drying out and keeping the food moist enough and fresh. Built-in firm grip handle extends the comfort to its limit because it makes them safe take-off and putting on super smooth.


  • Microwave Safe Cover
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Made From Glass
  • Easy Steam Vent Enabled
  • BPA Free
  • Easy Handle Bar Allows Easy Lifting


  • Careful Use Because Glasses is Easily Breakable

9. Anti-Splatter Plate Lid Microwave Cover with Steam Vents

If you are searching for a microwave cover that has a robust design and sturdy design, then you may choose it. It keeps the steam contained within itself so that the food can reheat perfectly. However, it has holes on it to maintain the temperature by letting out the steam.

This particular cover washes very well, and the size fits with almost every dishes, including plates, bowls and other food containers. It allows the turntable to rotate freely without hanging up. You can clean easily and most surprisingly even after few months regular use you will find it strengthy.


  • Uniformly distributed Steam Vent Allows Heat Evenly
  • Cleaning is Easy Because It is Dishwasher Safe
  • BPA & Melamine Free Plastic Made
  • FDA Approved For Safe Food
  • Robust and Flexible Makes it Unbreakable


  • Do not Use It More Than Ten (10) Minutes in Microwave at a Time
  • Do Not Use it in any Conventional Microwave or Grill

10. Silicone Lids Microwave Cooking Cover with Interlocking Handles

Here is the silicone made microwave dish cover for your kitchen. Simple design and comfortable usability make it perfect for household purpose. It highly recommended for people who previously experienced difficulties for holding while keeping or taking off, because it has a gorgeous looking handlebar that will solve your problems.

Though it does not have any holes on it, but the excess steam will pass out from the container at the right time just when it should be. It designed in a way that ensures the perfection of reheating foods or leftovers the next day in your microwave. The structure of this particular cover is very sturdy and flexible that increases their lifetime.


  • Cleaning is Easy Because it is Dishwasher Safe
  • BPA & Melamine Free Materials
  • Heat Resistant At Temperature of Up to 450 Degrees
  • Smart and Comfortable Handle Grip Makes the Lifting Easy


  • No Steam Vent May Cause Issue

How to Pick the Best Microwave Cover for Food that Serves Your Purpose

Now that you have completed reading all the reviews, we are hoping that you have one in your mind to buy from the above list. You know all the features are available in particular microwave covers we have discussed in the above.

The next best thing you must do before you buy a microwave plate cover for you is to understand what qualities must be present in your favourite microwave cover. You need to know the functionalities, materials used in production, size, shapes, prices, and other features that help you to compare multiple microwave covers.

You do not need to get worried, we have explained everything in this best microwave splatter plate cover buying guide. Without further due, let’s start the guide, and we are going to start by discussing the functionalities of a microwave cover.


Usability of a device depends on the functionalities. If you want to describe what functionalities the best microwave plate cover should have then the reply may be lies in the below questions,

  • Does it have a comfortable handlebar?
  • Does the device is multi-purpose usable?
  • After taking it off from the dish, does the spatters splash?
  • Does it have enough air circulation system enabled?

Whenever you are going to any online or physical shop to buy the best spatter-free microwave cover for food, then ask or read manual, and search answers for questions mentioned above. If you get a satisfactory answer then purchase it.


Materials that used to produce the device we are talking here is the most significant issue to consider. Several times people are complaining incidents are happening due to low quality and unsafe materials. So, best quality microwave covers must have these materials quality mentioned below,

  • The device has FDA approval first of all.
  • Microwave-safe materials used in the production of the device.
  • BPA & Melamine Free Materials are safe for food.
  • Food-graded plastic materials.
  • High heat resistant materials.
  • Sturdy and durable materials.

Now remember, on the product you may see some label, or if there is any manual, please read it carefully. You must read it before you buy, because the product quality, you will find there if you do not see them on the label. Buy the best one that has the best quality materials in the production of microwave cover.


Size of your microwave splatter cover is another essential thing to consider because we saw many people are suffering hassles due to it. Suppose you have a lid that does not fit that dish you use to microwave your food, then it is a waste. Yet, you can use those covers for other purpose but not the primary purpose it should serve.

Again, suppose you have a dish cover, but it does not fit in your microwave that you cannot use to cover anything inside the microwave. So, whenever, you are purchasing a cover you want to use inside of the microwave to cover dishes, then check that it fits within your microwave well.


Several shaped microwave covers you will see manufacturers are offering. However, you should always go for the right shape because it can change the whole experience of using a cover for microwave use in your household. Whether the shape is flat or domed, you can choose either one if it serves your need.

Another crucial feature that may depend on the shape in some cases is cleaning facility. We have seen several people hassling with cleaning just because the shape is not correct. So, pick the right shaped microwave plate cover that has a simple shape and easy to clean.

Check that the cover has small holes to let the excess steam out and the food will have the appropriate moistures in it. Do not let all the steam out because it can dry out the food and its not a good sign for tasty food.

Style and Design

Nowadays, we admit that people are stylish, and they are choosing everything based on their taste of choice. Our experts are saying that though people are keeping eyes on the essential things while buying, they also put their interest in stylish designs of what they are picking.

Different mind different choice” is the core of creative design ideas people used to generate designs for microwave covers. Some people are choosing side handlebar, but other people may prefer the handlebar centre of the cover.

Some of them may select an innovative design on the top of the cover, and some could say they will take the plain one without any design on it. But remember, these designs may not affect the usability or functions of the device, or it does not change how the device should be operated.

However, a creative, stylish microwave cover people also use to cover their food and keeping them on the dining table or kitchen. So, it can improve the overall look of the kitchen or the dining table if a gorgeous looking cover is there on food containers.

Price & Warranty

Now, this part of the buying is depending on the desire of everyone interested in buying the best quality microwave plate cover. If you are choosing the best budget-friendly microwave cover, then there is a solution in the list mentioned above we have reviewed. Price is vital when it comes to your hard work labelled on it. In the above list, you will get the best price and best budget microwave cover, and now it is your part to decide which one suits you the best.

If we talk about the warranty, then manufacturers are producing their product to last up to the clients’ satisfaction. However, they are providing a warranty for their product, because they want to ensure clients that the product will give you a happy journey throughout its service life. If there is any problem occurs then they will repair it without your concern.

Several manufacturers are there who offers 30-days money-back guarantee, and return. Now, it means that, if you buy it and then use it for 30 days, now you do not like it or did not get what you expected, then you can return without any objections. You will see that several companies are offering warranties for several years. But remember, all these warranties and guarantees have limitations that you need to discuss and mentioned in the paper of your purchase.

Mistakes you Should Avoid While Using Microwave Cover

Don’t use the plastic wrap

The reason is that usually, plastic wraps are not safe though the manufacturers do not agree. We have received a few complaints about health problems. Use paper wraps at least, but the best choice is to use the glass cover, ceramic cover that you have at your home.

If you can ensure that the quality of the plastic is good and it is BPA free and FDA certified then you could use Plastic covers, not plastic wraps. If you use a plastic cover that is not approved by the FDA, then you may be affected by severe health diseases. Diabetes or cardiovascular is the severe ones among them.

Don’t open the lid towards your face

Yeah, it is one of the most harmful things you should avoid while cooking or heating food in the microwave. Do not open the lid from the food container towards your face. It can cause a severe burn to your face. Because heating or cooking in such temperature creates steam and it contained in the dish though some steam gets out through the steam vent of the microwave cover.

We are receiving emails of stories regarding burn issues from microwave cooking. People are not careful when they are cooking or heating their food in the microwave. Even they are talking to people facing and lifting the food container out.

While they are doing that, suddenly they open the lid towards their face, and the accident happens. We understand that people are not doing it consciously, but they need to be careful while they are opening such hot food container from the microwave cover.

Eating the food right away

Do not eat the food right from the microwave, because it can be harmful to you and your family. Let the food rest for a few moments and cool it down a bit. Resting will let the heat spread all over the food to heat evenly and make it ready to eat. Remember, that a minute or few moments can make a difference. It can make the food flavorful or poisonous.


Now that you have finished most of the portion of the content, here’s a gift for you. We have advanced a frequently asked question section where you will find answers to those unanswered questions. We have collected them from different social media platforms, community forums, and other sources. Users are sharing their problems in those places to get a solution. Here are the answers to their questions at a glance.

Q1- What is a Microwave Cover?

A microwave cover is a simple device that helps to cover the food dishes while cooking or heating something in the microwave oven. It does not allow anything to splatter during the cooking inside the microwave.

Q2- Are Microwave Covers Safe?

It depends on the materials used to manufacture the device. If it is made of such material that is approved by the FDA to use, then they are microwave safe, and you will see a label written “microwave safe” on the product. You need to check it while buying that is the cover microwave-safe or not.

Q3- How Do You Cover Dishes in the Microwave?

Using covers to cover the dishes of food while microwaving. Just keep open a part of the cover to let out the steam, and you are good to go. Covering is the best way to keep your microwave net and clean.

Q4- Should I Cover Food When Microwaving?

Yes, you should cover the food dishes when microwaving because the food may splatter all over inside of the microwave, and it’s challenging to clean. Choose a cover for your microwave from the above list and start using it.

Q5- What Can I Use to Cover Food in Microwave?

Traditionally, people are using paper towels or waxed wrapper that allows the steam out and keep the heat within it—but using both of them a bit difficult and messy while you will open after cooking. The best thing to do in this condition is to use a reusable cover that we have discussed above on this page.

Q6- Are Silicone Food Covers Microwave Safe?

Yes, Silicone food covers are microwave-safe because it allows the heat to stay inside and cook properly. It does not wrap or tear due to heat; however, choose the one that is made of good silicone. Use our best list to pick the right silicone microwave cover for you.

Q7- How Do You Keep Food With Paper Towel in Microwave?

It is one of the most traditional uses of paper towels to cover the food or liquids while microwaving. Now, when you are cooking or heating liquids or food, they will splash during the boiling process and splatter everywhere in the microwave. To control splashing, people use one or two paper towels to cover the food. However, the best decision is to use a reusable device that makes the process more classic and user-friendly as well as cost-effective.

Final Words

Covers for dishes, plates, or bowls to cook or heat foods in the microwave oven is an essential purpose for every household. But purchasing a microwave cover is not as easy as you think, because there are a few critical things you need to keep in mind. Yes, it is a simple-looking device that allows aborting splatter in a microwave but using it in such temperature makes it essential. It should be heat resistant and well manufactured to be sturdy enough to serve your purpose completely.

Check the materials used to produce the product and most importantly read all the details mentioned above in this review. We have shared a complete in-depth best microwave oven buying guide for you, do not ignore it. We have shared all those functions, as well as sensitive things the real users raise those. Make sure you know the product thoroughly before you buy it and it will help you to avoid unnecessary hassles others are experiencing.