Lisa Vincent

Lisa Vincent is a passionate food content author who has been writing for Kitchen Guider for the past two years. Her articles have appeared in several leading food magazines of California. Besides blogging, she continuously posts on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter about her research and findings of useful cookware that you may need in your kitchen.Born and raised in San Francisco, the diversity of regional food of her city has made her a food freak, and she became interested in different culinary techniques. As soon as Lisa completed her degree from the Art Institute of Atlanta, she started writing blogs about food hacks to share her experience and help others with kitchen troubles.Lisa loves traveling and collecting recipes from every place she has ever been. She has already been to 20+ countries and is currently settled in Atlanta with her lovely dog.As a passionate equipment guider, most of her contents are full of information about food hygiene, kitchen tips, healthy foods, buying guide for cookware sets, and other kitchen gadgets. Whether it’s about recipes or tools, Lisa knows it all.